Diablo 3 Devil vs Devil PvP Preview

So what is it? Arena is a place where you can battle other players without consequences. Your corpse won't get looted, and you won't drop a level. Developer Jason Bender said they may be supporting leaderboards and other ways to rank players in the Arena, but you won't be heading in there to find epic trinkets.

Diablo 3 Preview

An early look at the highly anticipated action-RPG from Blizzard, 'Diablo III'.

StarCraft 2 Editor Frequently Asked Questions

We've been reading over the questions that you have been posting and the development team has taken some time to provide answers to some of these below.

Q. (Robbepop) Do you plan to integrate add event functions for the gui? At the moment you have to use ugly custom script code in a gui trigger to make dynamic events for triggers - that's something you could improve for the galaxy gui. Are there any plans that you will add features to make variable array lengths dependent on constant integer variables?

A. We would like to support adding dynamic events through the GUI as well as array sizes based on constant variables.

Q. (Goa) Is it possible that in the future you will add a trigger, which will able to tell what time did the map started (year month day hour). It will enable map makers to make "real real time" maps. It would enable to make a whole new type of maps, kind of like those browser based mmorpgs, which are really popular now days.

A. We will look into exposing real time to map makers if it's a simple change that could allow many new types of gameplay.