Worgens, WoW Cataclysm New Race

The worgen are a race of feral wolf-beasts whose very name inspires fear. Theories regarding their history abound, yet the worgen's origins remain steeped in mystery.

Records indicate that the worgen existed for a time in Kalimdor. In fact, more recent evidence suggests that their true origin might have a connection to the night elves and a secretive druidic order from Kalimdor's distant past. Yet until new evidence comes to light, this information remains speculative.

Goblins, WoW Cataclysm New Race

Originally the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan, the goblin race was forced to mine kaja'mite ore out of the volcanic bowels of Mount Kajaro.

goblin, wow new race

Tol Barad Zone

An island off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms, Tol Barad is a historic land now sought-after by the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance. Its strategic, isolated location makes it an ideal stronghold from which to conduct military strikes. In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, a battle will be waged to seize control of this prized territory. Should you triumph, unique rewards await you. Read more about this all-new world PvP and questing zone here.

Illidan Stormrage

Great demonic wings fan out behind the horned, malefic figure. Standing nearly 7 112 feet tall, the creature’s night elf heritage is evident in its violet skin, longears, and flowingbluehair. It wears tattered cloth pants that do little to conceal its cloven hooves. Jagged tattoos cover its bare chest and arms. It wears a ragged bandage around its head that covers its eyes. It carries two massive warglaives - each etched with demonic runes of power.

Illidan Stormrage

Cataclysm Southern Barrens Zone

For our ongoing coverage of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we recently sat down with game designers Dave Kosak and Roman Marotte to ask them about the work they've done on the Southern Barrens, a once-familiar place drastically altered by Deathwing's return and the continuing struggle between the Horde and the Alliance.

Cataclysm Southern Barrens Zone

Cataclysm Darkshore Zone

Game designers Luis Barriga and Craig Amai sat down with us to discuss upcoming changes to Darkshore's landscape, the fate of Auberdine, and the challenges of redesigning an old-world zone from the ground up in this World of Warcraft: Cataclysm content preview.

Cataclysm Darkshore Zone

Cataclysm Azshara Zone

Delve into the mysteries of Azshara with game designers Craig Amai and Dave Kosak, who talked with us about the Horde's northward expansion and the rise of the Bilgewater Cartel as part of our ongoing coverage of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Adventure, conflict, and, of course, profit await those who enter the newly re-imagined Azshara!

Cataclysm Azshara Zone

Cataclysm Ashenvale Zone

Today we're covering the changes being made to Ashenvale in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as the Warsong Outriders and the Silverwing Sentinels continue to vie for domination of the region. Quest designers Eric Maloof and Steve Burke sat down with us to discuss what it's been like iterating on a familiar yet evolving Kalimdor territory.

Cataclysm Ashenvale Zone

Cataclysm Wallpapers, Cataclysm Photo Gallery

Here is where you can find WoW Cataclysm Wallpapers, and WoW Cataclysm Photos.

Cataclysm FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm?

While the attention of the Horde and Alliance remained fixed upon Northrend, an ancient evil has been lying dormant within Deepholm, the domain of earth in the Elemental Plane. Hidden away in a secluded sanctuary, the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing has waited, recovering from the wounds of his last battle against Azeroth, nursing his hatred for the inferior creatures that infest the surface realm...and biding his time until he can reforge the world in molten fire.

WoW Cataclysm Features

Two New Playable Races
Adventure as one of two new races--the cursed worgen with the Alliance or the resourceful goblins with the Horde.

Level Cap Increased to 85
Earn new abilities, tap into new talents, and progress through the path system, a new way for players to improve characters.

Classic Zones Remade
Familiar zones across the original continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms have been altered forever and updated with new content, from the devastated Badlands to the broken Barrens, which has been sundered in two.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

An ancient evil lies dormant within Deepholm, the domain of earth in the Elemental Plane.

Hidden away in a secluded sanctuary, the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing has waited, recovering from the wounds of his last battle against Azeroth and biding his time until he can reforge the world in molten fire.

Soon, Deathwing the Destroyer will return to Azeroth, and his eruption from Deepholm will sunder the world, leaving a festering wound across the continents. As the Horde and Alliance race to the epicenter of the cataclysm, the kingdoms of Azeroth will witness seismic shifts in power, the kindling of a war of the elements, and the emergence of unlikely heroes who will rise up to protect their scarred and broken world from utter devastation.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm 10-Day Trial Edition Now Available

If you or a friend are currently playing Wrath of the Lich King and haven't yet experienced the content Cataclysm has to offer, you can sign up now to play a 10-day free trial version of this latest expansion for World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Trial FAQ

Who is eligible to try the Cataclysm 10-day free trial edition?

Anyone who has a current subscription or has ever had a subscription to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King can play the Cataclysm trial. There is a limit of one free trial per account. World of Warcraft "classic" trial accounts, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade trial accounts, and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King trial accounts are not eligible for the Cataclysm 10-day free trial.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Breaks Blizzard Records

Not surprisingly, the latest World of Warcraft update, Cataclysm has broken Blizzard sales. The game has sold 3.3 million copies within 24 hours breaking the record of 2.8 million sales by the previous WoW update, Wrath of the Lich king. Cataclysm’s day one says even beat Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, according to senior vice president of merchandising of GameStop, Bob Mckenzie.

StarCraft 2 Official Cheat Codes

This is a statement from Blizzard.

You’ve already discovered some of the cheat codes hidden within StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, but you haven’t found them all. We thought it was time to lift the veil and reveal all of the official codes available in the single-player mode. 

Cheat codes can only be used in single-player mode by pressing the enter key within the game and typing in the codes as shown below within the console.

Caution: Before using cheat codes it’s important to understand that using them will prevent additional achievement gains you might have earned through normal play until either a new campaign is started or a prior save is loaded (one from before the use of the first cheat).

Winning Rates of Each Race in SC2

Ever wondered how each race performs against each other in SC2? Here's a statistics released by Blizzard that may serve as a guide.

Blizzard says, Now that you might have a clearer idea regarding what they are, we'd like to share some recent adjusted win percentages from November 11th for several regions around the world. Before you review these numbers, we'd like to prevent some common misconceptions. First, these numbers shift fairly rapidly as newly discovered strategies spread through the community and they're changing all the time.

StarCraft 2 Free Name Change

All StarCraft II accounts have been granted one free name change. If you’d like to change your character name, log in to Account Management and choose your StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty game license. On your game license screen a "Character Name Change" button at the bottom will initiate the request. After confirming that you’d like to change your character name, simply log in to StarCraft II and you’ll be prompted to select a new one. Please be sure to use this name change wisely.

Starcraft 2 Free Play Weekend FAQ

ever wanted to play Starcraft 2 for free? Here's your chance to join Starcraft 2 Free Play Weekend where players may able to play starcarft 2 for free for 72 hours starting November 19 up to 21.

Read the announcement here Starcraft 2 Free Play Weekend

Q: What is a free-play weekend?

A: Eligible players in Southeast Asia will receive free access to the single-player and multiplayer modes of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for a 72-hour period starting at 12:01 a.m. (Singapore time) on Friday, November 19 and ending at 11:59 p.m. (Singapore time) on Sunday, November 21.

Starcraft 2 Free Play Weekend on November 19 to 21

Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that they will be having the first ever Free Play Weekend for the SEA/ANZ servers will take place November 19-21.

Here is their announcement

We’re happy to announce an upcoming free play weekend for the Southeast Asian edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The free play weekend kicks off at 00:00 on November 19 (GMT +8) and ends at 23:59 on November 21. We wanted to give the community this opportunity to invite their friends to try out StarCraft II's award-winning single-player and multiplayer gameplay over Battle.net free of charge.

Blizzcon 2010 Wallpapers

Personalize your desktop with official World of Warcraft wallpapers! Right-click in your desktop and select the Properties option and switch to the Background tab. Double-click on the wallpaper file and Apply the change.

We have over 194+ wallpapers available!

Build your Own StarCraft 2 Custom Maps Using Editor Panel

Build your Own StarCraft 2 Custom Maps Using Editor Panel - Learn how to create custom maps for Starcraft 2 using three approach: Find the “fun factor.”, Make sure the map is easy to learn., and Actively seek and encourage feedback..

The StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor panel, new this year to BlizzCon, proved to be a treasure trove of information for aspiring mapmakers and anyone interested in the StarCraft II custom map scene. Lead Level Designer Matt Morris, Senior Level Designer Richard Khoo, Level Designer Jason Huck, Level Designer Matt Gotcher, and Data Specialist Justin Klinchuch discussed a variety of topics with the audience, including their design philosophy, mapmaking tips and suggestions, official custom map previews, and a critical look at the StarCraft II Editor.

Blizzard has Four New Custom Maps to be Featured at BlizzCon 2010

Blizzard has Four New Custom Maps to be Featured at BlizzCon 2010 - Yes that's right and they are including Dota map. This will be available for free via Battle.net in the future. :)

Four all-new Blizzard-crafted StarCraft II custom maps are making their debut at BlizzCon 2010: Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die, StarJeweled, and Blizzard DOTA!

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Announcement Trailer

In the six years since its 2004 launch, online role-playing game World of Warcraft has reigned unopposed as the king of the massively-multiplayer market -- but there’s one thing that’ll kill a long-running game quicker than anything else: boredom.

7 step For Newbie to become a decent player.

This is some quick guide. For a Newbie player who cant get out Bronze league.
Im not a diamond myself, but for most people they just love this game but can't be a decent
player. if you want to get silver or gold try some of these guide its from my own exprience.
now sit back and relax my friend.

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.1.2 Release

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.1.2 is now live! This patch features adjustments to protoss, terran, and zerg balance and several bug fixes. Be sure to check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes.

About Basic SC2 and Protoss - Part 3

A tightly done build order vs. Terran and Harrasment Part 2

Okey so I'm not blind, I've seen the threads on the forum about Terran being OP and so forth. What those threads lack is ANY discussion to what to do against a Terran, its just rubbish trash talk to each other which might strengthen your internet peen a bit but does not help anyone being better at beating Terran. I won't take a discussion in this thread about whether Terran is OP or not, I don't want you to start flaming about this either in here.
Now I have a good friend who play Terran and we have practice a lot against each other over the last weeks and days just to see how OP Terran is.
I'd say we are both at the same level, so it isn't Diamond Protoss against Bronze Terran.

About Basic SC2 and Protoss - Part 2

For this part i will talk about four things, that might not be so basic and actually is kind of a intermediate level of play but still touches everyone in almost all games and match ups.

The first thing i want to write about is:

First and Early aggressions
We have all been here, we have built up a force and thinking

"okey, okey... i got this army.... what do I do?"

About Basic SC2 and Protoss - Part 1

After seeing a lot of thread here on the forum that surely are related to basics about RTS I feel that I want to write this posts and I really hope that this thread will help alot of strugeling protoss that feel that they are lacking in some games but can't pin-point what they are lacking in.

So when you are reading this thread I assume you have chosen protoss (or atleast is strugeling with protoss when you play random and get that race) so... Ye won't write about any other race, but almost all of what I will write here will fit into both the other races too.

Weird Zerg Mechanic, or Larvae Management 101

I was giving a lot of thought into it lately, and I couldn't find a satisfying answer as to why the Zerg have to choose well-balanced armies and a variety of units to beat even their "hard counters". (examples: It is way better to go Roaches/Hydras than mass Hydras against mass Stalkers, even though Roaches aren't the optimal counter. Also, The popular build of Slings/Blings/Mutas works a LOT better than pure Slings/Blings even if your enemy is going mass marines and marines alone, which doesn't make sense. You'll still win with banelings alone, but with mutas it seems to work even better). Why does this happen? Zerg units don't have forced synergies, like MMM (anti air/light + anti armor/building + heals). And many will say that in some builds Roaches and Lings are used as meatwalls, but why the heck does Infestor/Lings/Hydras/Roaches/Ultras work soooo much better against Mass Stalkers than lets say pure Infestor/Ultras?? On paper, it is the optimal counter. Fungal for the blinks + anti armoured Ultras with splash. Why less ultras and more money invested into other units, not so hard counters as Ultras, works better???

Developer's Corner: 1v1 Game Balance

Since the release of Wings of Liberty, the StarCraft II balance team has been diligently studying how the game is being played, playing it ourselves, and seeing how evenly the three races match up on the battlefield. While we regularly examine Battle.net player data and statistics from all regions, the information we're examining in this blog was pulled exclusively from the North American region for simplicity's sake.

Battle.net Authenticator Change

To help keep Battle.net accounts as secure as possible, we've recently changed how Battle.net authenticators can be used. Going forward, Battle.net authenticators can now only be associated with one Battle.net account at a time. No changes are being made to how many game licenses a single Battle.net account can support. You can still have multiple World of Warcraft accounts under a single Battle.net account, for instance, and all game licenses linked with a Battle.net account will still be protected if an authenticator is in use.

StarCraft 2 Guide - Tournament Idea

Now before my computer was corrupted by a Virus I came up with an idea of a tournament you can do yourself or with with a friend, it's verses AI and Recommend it in Custom games, now

it consists of 22 games were they gradually increment in difficulty as well their is a story melded into it as I will explain the guide lines and verses so I appreciate if you'd hear

me out, I"ll explain this as if it was 1 Player but a 2nd player could take the place of you AI Partner, make sure they use the same Race the AI was chosen.

sc2ALLin1 v10.3.3 Offline StarCraft 2 RETAIL Launcher

Here is an updated version of sc2ALLin1 v10.3.3 Offline StarCraft 2 RETAIL Launcher. Vernam, the developer of sc2Allin1 wants all of us to be sure that we get only the authentic installer and not those repacked versions which has a virus.

Vernam's statement:

Be adviced, that ONLY this is the original and official webpage for downloading my Tool, any other site that have my tool for download may be dangerous to use! lots of websites/torrents have repacked my tool with effected .exe virus/trojan, and will damage your system! the only way to be 100% sure is to download any latest version from THIS (nibbits) web-site or from the auto-update system from the tool when available!

Protoss Guide for Beginner and intermediate

Hello everyone, I have notice a lot of the newer players finding some difficulty in their match ups and engagements when it comes to playing in the multiplayer match up or even facing a computer AI. I'm not a top top player but i have my fair share of beta and starcraft 2 knowledge. I only play Protoss in 1v1s so it may or may not apply to you. I would be regularly updating this thrend so please check back for updates.

Starcraft2 Guide vs M&Ms

Ensabanur is pretty much right on with what you want to do for the most part, however there are even more options, I'll detail a few:

Against m&m:

If it's more 'rauder heavy, zealots and sentries work fantastically early on as forcefield allows zealots to get in range and do damage.

Void rays are another option to delay the Terran push and keep him in his base while you build up a force/expand

Starcarft 2 Guide - Zero Hour Guide

At start, salvage that 2 bunkers at the bridge, you're going to hold your defense at the your base ramp

Spam m&m, I went 4 barracks, 2 with reactor, don't need to build any bunker / turret.

At 11-10 minutes mark, gather all your troops push through the left exit and go all the way up straight to the top, you'll find 2 hatchery there, kill it, then retreat your troops back to your base, I did it with about 50 m&m, but I didn't make it out alive all the way back to my base.

At 3 minutes mark, gather all your troops again, and push through the extact same location, they should rebuild the hatchery already, kill it, done, even if you fail the mission, you still get the achievement, you can float your CC and fly away and win like a coward.

Starcarft 2 Guide - ZVT Guide, Zerg vs Terran

I found this in the US forum. I don't know if it's legal or not, but credit goes to MrMrCmmndsU for this guide:

This guide will also count on your opponent being the general high-division Terran player--the one that does the predictable build orders of TvZ and A-moves his deathball into your base and expects to win because of the supposed cost-effectiveness of Terran units. In short, your average Terran player is not always going to be pro-level. He will be stupid. And we will take advantage of that.

I will also be assuming you know how to handle your macro (spawn larva, spread creep). But even if it's not perfect, you should still do fine--your opponent is not perfect either.

Campaign Guide for Mission 3 - Best Defense achievement

This guide is for those who are currenty tearing their hair out trying to complete this achievement. After countless retries I finally found a build that works after reading through various forums etc. Although getting the achievement seems very difficult, it is deceptively very easy to get. This guide assumes you are just going for the achievement and nothing else. This is my first guide and I'll explain what I did as best as I can.

How to optimise your network settings for SC2

A lot of people seem to be having issues with the 5 sec lag spikes, dropouts and mid-game freezes among other things so I've put together an unofficial compilation of information on how to ensure your network is best configured for Starcraft II online play. I take no credit for the guides I link to, only this little goto post which I hope helps some of you fix your SCII issues. :)

Diamond Zerg, Build Order YOU MUST KNOW

ok so basically i played around with the inbase hatch late expo and found that it was working amazing, however something was missing. It allowed fast saturation of the main and high unit production.

I believe MadFrog has found the build we have been praying for and im going to share this with everyone

Zerg Tutorials: Muta, Baneling vs Terran

Do you think this will work for you? If you're a Zerg or Terran player, share your thoughts/opinion here.

Razer L33T Packs Giveaways

Razer is giving away up to 1,337 Razer L33T packs so the chances of getting one is bigger! Make sure to Register!

Grand Prize: A choice of your Professional Gaming Mouse, Professional Gaming Surface and Gaming Keyboard, the Razer Megalodon 7.1 Gaming Audio Headset, Razer Armadillo2 Mouse Cable Mana...gement System, a Razer Attitude Tee, Razer Messenger Bag, Razer Gear Rack and a Razer l33t Pack.

Starcraft 2 Cheats List, and Hints

Here's a great list of Starcraft 2 Cheats

Dance Party

Select units and press Enter, then type the command /dance to make them dance. Currently this only seems to work with ground units. The list is:

StarCraft 2 Guide - Tips and Guides for Beginners

Any StarCraft II veteran will know that a couple of High Templars can completely turn the tide of battle. It's also important to learn when you can't win. Protoss players ought to overlap their pylon fields where they are being used to power structures. Zerg players ought to simply center their defenses around their hatchery and resources.

Play StarCraft 2 in 3D

A patch released by Blizzard today brings 3D support to StarCraft II, meaning now those banshees will totally pop off the screen. The patch, the first major one since StarCraft II's release in July, also brings some changes to the game's all-important balance.

Starcraft 2 Guide - Terran Vs Zerg, Counter Against Mutalisk Rush

These are some powerful Terran counters against Zerg opponents that will teach you how to deal with Zergs using your favorite units in group Terran and how to counter Zerg Mutalisks, Zergling Rush, and Roaches.

Know some of the Starcraft II different strategies so you can be a successful Starcraft multi player with great understanding on how to use all the different units. Be successful by learning what units to make when an army of Void Rays is rushing your base and learn how to counter most popular builds and you will surely win more often.

Starcraft 2 Guide - Dark Templar Rush Against Terran

This Starcraft 2 guide will focus on how to use a Dark Templar rush against a Terran player. The majority of people out there who know about the Dark Templar rush think that it’s a waste of time to try it against a Terran opponent as they can crush the rush with a simple Scanner Sweep.

Even though most Terran players are likely to have Scanner Sweeps, it does not imply that the Dark Templars you build will be ineffective. The truth does not come even close to this.

Starcraft 2 Guide - Dark Templar Rush Against Zerg

There are certain rules you need to observe and follow on using Dark Templars rush to win against Zergs.

Destroy the Hatchery so as not to let them create an Overseer

Use at least 3 or more Dark Templars to overcome Lair before an Overseer exists.

Overseer detects Dark Templars, so using them alone may not overthrow Zergs. Conduct a surprise attack and kill as many Drones as you can and destroy the Hatchery.

Dark Templars need assistance from your regular units, they will certainly adds up to bring down Zergs economy.

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.1.0 Release

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.1.0 is now live! This patch features adjustments to protoss, terran, and zerg balance, notable StarCraft II Editor improvements, several bug fixes and access to the North America region. Be sure to check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes.

Starcraft 2 Protoss Dark Templar Rush Guide with Build Order Guide

Below is a video detailing a rush tactic for players using Protoss, Dark Templar Rush.

Build Order:

probes till 10supply

10 supply: Pylon
once pylon is completed queue 3 probes with chrono boost

Strategies for Each of the Starcraft2 Race

Want to Know More & Be Good & Better in Starcraft 2? Continue Reading if :

1. You want to have that ‘EXTRA’ edge in every starcraft 2 game you play. Being victorious and defeating enemies is such a triumphant feeling.
2. Be really familiar with starcraft 2 strategies, units, common terms(like micro & macro), hotkeys, & more.
3. For all who want to play starcraft 2 -> brood war players, starcraft 2 beta players, those who just started with starcraft2.

SC2 Patch 1.1 Release - September 23

The first feature and balance patch release for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will be available next Thursday, September 23. The maintenance period will begin at 5:00 a.m. and last until approximately 11:00 a.m. SGT. You can read all about our plans for patch 1.1 in the Situation Report.

StarCraft 2 SEA/ANZ Invitational Tournament Result

The StarCraft II SEA/ANZ Invitational Tournament has concluded and we have our first regional champions!

1st Place - RedArchon (Thailand)

2nd Place - ice (Singapore)

3rd Place - OxygeN (Singapore)

StarCraft 2 Proxy Strategy Guides, Tips, and Tricks

Proxy is a word often used in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty multiplayer strategy discussion, referring to an aggressive strategy in which players build unit-producing structures close to their opponent’s base and away from their own.

SC2 Top 200 Players on Leagues and Ladder - Sep 14, 2010

Here are the top 200 players in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

We'll update this list approximately every week until it's time to have them compete. Congratulations to these players. Your skill is an inspiration to the entire StarCraft II community.

StarCraft 2 Cheating Players, Beware

This serves as a warning to all players who cheat and uses sc2 map hacks just to gain goals and sc2 achievements.

From Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has always taken cheating in any form in Blizzard games very seriously, and that's no different for StarCraft II. If a StarCraft II player is found to be cheating or using hacks or modifications in any form, then as outlined in our end user license agreement, that player can be permanently banned from the game. This means that the player will be permanently unable to log in to Battle.net to play StarCraft II with his or her account.

SC2 General Upgrade Maths and Game Mechanics FAQ


Here I will provide a breakdown of all the important maths focused on upgrades and combat.

Say you keep asking yourself:
"Should I upgrade weapons or armor first?"
"Is it worth my 100 gas to get combat shields?"
"Does it make a difference if I spend my money upgrading? or should I just get more units?"

Take a look here, maybe you will find answers to those questions.

Search Feature of StarCraft 2 Community Site

Author: Daxxarri

This is part of an ongoing series where we'll highlight features of the StarCraft II community site. This time we're exploring one of the most useful tools on the community site: the search feature. Let's fire it up!

Matchmaking and Ladder System Improvements

Blizzard Entertainment recently identified and addressed three issues that will ensure fair matches and an enjoyable ladder system.

Here are the three main issues:

Improved Matchmaking for Teams
While the matchmaking system as a whole is looking very strong, one area we identified for improvement was matchmaking for arranged teams that were still in placement matches. We found these first few matches for arranged teams were giving them an unfair advantage against their opponents. Since so many new arranged teams were being created every day, this was resulting in a noticeable amount of imbalanced matches for team games. The corrections we've made should show an improvement for many team players, especially in the sub-Gold leagues.

Burning Tide - New Blizzard Custom Map

We're proud to announce the release of Blizzard Entertainment's first new StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty custom map: Burning Tide!

StarCraft II Custom Map Contest

Got skills on creating SC2 maps? Want to win some cool prizes while having fun doing maps? So what are you waiting for? Join the StarCraft II Custom Map Contest and you have until September 11, 2010 to submit your entry.

From Blizzard Entertainment:

We just wanted to remind you that the first ever StarCraft II Custom Map Contest will be drawing to a close on September 11, 2010. If you’re hoping for a chance to have your map featured at BlizzCon, win a trip to the convention, and score a cool $5,000 in the process, then put the finishing touches on your map and submit it before the deadline.

Read the contest page to learn more -- don't miss out on your chance for glory!

Blizzard Increased Custom Map Upload Limit

Great news for SC2 map enthusiasts, Blizzard recently took considerations and increased the limit of map upload. Players may now upload 10 custom map and up to 50 MB of total map storage space.

From Blizzard Entertainment:

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster a productive and happy StarCraft II mapmaking community, we recently asked players to share their thoughts and ideas on how the custom map system might be improved. Some mapmakers noted that the current limits placed on custom map publishing felt too restrictive and, as a result, made their mapmaking experience less enjoyable.

Starcraft 2 Guest Mode and Offline Mode

When logging into StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, you may have noticed the “Play as Guest” button lurking at the bottom right of your screen. But what does this do? Is it the same as the “Offline” mode you’ve heard about? Can I play without even logging into Battle.net?

Sc2gears General StarCraft 2 Utility

Sc2gears is a general StarCraft 2 utility for everyone who is interested in the game (either a player or just a game analyzer). Its main features are replay management and analysis for both individual replays and mass replays (multi-replay statistics). It provides easy but powerful and efficient replay management and basic statistics for starters, and advanced statistics and time development charts useful even for professional players. It is also a great asset to tournament and league organizers in quick analysis of tournament results.

StarCraft 2 - SEA/ANZ Invitational FAQ

From Blizzard Entertainment

Read the original announcement here.

How are the 16 participants selected?

The Blizzard Entertainment eSports team will consider several discretionary factors when selecting participants for the Invitational. This might include your overall performance on the SEA/ANZ Battle.net, your rank within your home country, and any tournaments you might have won. The invitees won’t necessarily reflect the top 16 ranked players. As the region is very diverse, our plan is to ensure that every country is properly represented by players at a highly competitive skill level.

StarCraft 2 List of Bugs in Patch 1.0.3

Here is a list of known issues being reported in Patch 1.0.3:

• Mouse buttons cannot be set for Push to Talk.
• Thor CE is not being displayed when the player has the proper flags.
• Campaign Achievement completion stops at 99%.
• The hotkey for Surrender is inconsistent.
• Mac - Pressing the § / tilde key could crash the game client.
• Losing your internet connection while loading a map will not warn you that connection to Battle.net has been lost.

Best Seller Video Games

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StarCraft 2 Battle.net Server Maintenance

From Blizzard Entertainment

We’ll be performing rolling restarts on all StarCraft II servers at approximately 5:00am SGT and 7:00am AEST, September 2nd, which may cause some interruption in communication, ability to log in, use of in-game features, and disconnections. We anticipate the restarts will take approximately 120 minutes to complete.

Starcraft 2 Top 200 Players on Leagues and Ladder - August 31

One question is often asked by the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty community regarding our new leagues and ladder system: “Who are the best players on the ladder?” We have plans to one day have the best players, based on their current rankings, compete against each other. In the meantime, we can pull some internal numbers, do a little math, and come up with a list of the best players in each region. Here are the top 200 players in SEA/ANZ. We'll update this list approximately every week until it's time to have them compete.
Congratulations to these players. Your skill is an inspiration to the entire StarCraft II community.

SC2 Patch 1.1 with First Feature and Balance Patch

This patch will be released on September. And as they promised, it would contain the first feature and balance patch.

From Blizzard Entertainment

Greetings, citizens of the Koprulu sector! StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is celebrating its one-month anniversary and we’re extremely excited to witness the amazing community that’s come together around the game. To that end, we want you to know we are hard at work on the first feature and balance patch, and expect to have it completed and available by the middle of September. Patch 1.1 will contain a number of improvements including additional mod features, Editor improvements and bug fixes, some custom game improvements, support for NVIDIA’s 3D Vision, and more. We'd also like to share some specific plans for this patch with you.

Starcraft 2 Top 200 Players on Leagues and Ladder

One question is often asked by the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty community regarding our new leagues and ladder system: “Who are the best players on the ladder?” We have plans to one day have the best players, based on their current rankings, compete against each other. In the meantime, we can pull some internal numbers, do a little math, and come up with a list of the best players in each region. Here are the top 200 players in SEA/ANZ. We'll update this list approximately every week until it's time to have them compete.

SC2 Protoss Tactic, Build Order for Quick Zealot Rush

Do a few probes, then pylon, 1-2 probes, gateway, pylon, couple more probes, then start manufacturing zealots. It's important to be on top of your opponent though using a probe or two, as they could go tech rush which will leave you in a spot of trouble if they successfully defend your first rush and can give them a good advantage mid-game.

Starcraft 2 Current List of Bugs

From Daxxarri (Community Manager)

Just a reminder, this is an informational thread only.

You will not receive support by posting in this thread. If you wish to report a bug, please do so in the Bug Report forum: http://sea.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/11483/

We have a list of known bugs that will affect StarCraft II's operations.

Starcraft 2 Campaign 99% Achievements Bug

From Mewi

99% Achievements Bug, I noticed there was no thread regarding this that was directly in the bug report section. So I'll post one here, sorry if there has been another post in here.

But this bug is annoying me, and beating up my OCDness. Please fix it?

Starcraft 2 Brutal Campaign 25 Bug

Author: FuzzYD

PS: Dear Blues, Is it possible to get this stickied here or in the Bugs forum? Hoping it will reduce the number of threads inquiring about this supposed bug.

For everyone who is experiencing this annoying bug, I've summarized everything we know about it here. Hope it helps.

The Bug:
Brutal 5/10/15/20/25 not credited.

Starcraft 2 Turtle vs Turtle

Author: Nethaera

You’ve sent out your SCV to do a little scouting. You’ve found your opponent, and he or she is fortifying heavily. You’re doing the same, focusing on building structures, protecting your entry points, and placing anti-air units at all the right locations. Your base is covered from all angles. Occasionally, there’s a skirmish in the middle of the map or around the edges of your bases, but no one seems to be pushing outside of their comfort zone. You look at the clock and realize -- this isn’t going to be as quick of a game as you had originally thought.

BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft 2 Tournament:

From Blizzard Entertainment:

BlizzCon is a celebration of epic games, a gathering place for our community from across the globe, and also the definitive place to see the greatest competitive matches in the world as the top pro players go head to head both in the World of Warcraft Arena and in Warcraft III. With the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, we feel it’s high time to expand that set list -- BlizzCon 2010 will play home to a 16-player StarCraft II invitational tournament!

StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Invitational Tournament

From Blizzard Entertainment:

We're proud to announce the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty 2010 Invitational Tournament for Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand!

Based on their regional ranking and performance on Battle.net, sixteen of the top StarCraft II players from Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand will be selected to take part in the region’s first StarCraft II online tournament.

SC2 North American Battle.net Access FAQ

From Blizzard Entertainment:

We’re pleased to announce that all players who purchase the Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand version of StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ will also have the option of playing on North American servers following the launch. While we still encourage gamers to play on the local servers, which will offer lower latency and more action during peak hours, we recognize that many players have longstanding friendships and rivalries with North American players, and would like to continue playing with them. Because of this, we're giving Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand gamers access to both regions' servers, so they can choose where they'd prefer to play.

Starcraft 2 NA Region Access

From Blizzard Entertainment:

With the announcement that North American regional access will be provided to those who purchased a Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand standard or collector’s edition of StarCraft II, some of you have expressed concerns regarding your ISP download caps. We wanted to let you know that it will not be necessary to download a new StarCraft II client to play in the NA region.

BlizzCon 2010 Online Contests Begin

From Blizzard Entertainment:

The BlizzCon 2010 Fan Art, Original Song, and Movie contests have begun! To enter, simply submit your original Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo-themed work before September 27. We have over $25,000 worth of prizes to give away between these and our Dance and Costume contests on Friday night at BlizzCon, and winning entries will be showcased live at this year's show.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Invitational Tournament

From Blizzard Entertainment:

We're proud to announce the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty 2010 Invitational Tournament for Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand!

Based on their regional ranking and performance on Battle.net, sixteen of the top StarCraft II players from Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand will be selected to take part in the region’s first StarCraft II online tournament.

SC2 Free Character Name Change Coming Soon

From Blizzard Entertainment:

We wanted to let everyone know that in the near future we’ll be allowing everyone a chance to change their chosen StarCraft II character name for free.

In some cases, people chose character names that don’t represent their usual multiplayer nicknames, as they were unaware of how the character names were being used. It’s important to us that everyone is represented by a name of their choosing in their multiplayer games, ladders, and on the forums and community site.

MaDFroG vs. LiquidTLO Showmatch Videos

Did you miss out on the StarCraft II showmatches between Dario “LiquidTLO” Wünsch and Fredrik “MaDFroG” Johansson at the 2010 European Warcraft Invitational? Did you watch the live stream, but want to relive the excitement? You can now find the videos embedded below. Enjoy!

Starcraft 2 Replay Features

Author: Ztala

Replays are an indispensable tool for real-time strategy gamers. Players can watch and analyze a game post-match to improve their gameplay. With a loss, they can go back, pinpoint their mistakes, and scrutinize what went wrong. With a win, they can look for ways to improve.

Real ID in Australia

Author: Seraphis

Fact 1:

If you purchase World of Warcraft from a local store in Australia, you are forced (ie: you have no choice) to create a WoW account on a US server.

Fact 2:

If you purchase World of Warcraft from a local store in the US, you are forced to create a WoW account on a US server.

Starcraft 2 Replays FAQ

Author: nirvAnA

Q: Where are my replays saved?
A: Replays are saved seperately from your Starcraft 2 installation directory. Instead, they can be found under your "My Documents" folder, or just "Documents" for Vista and Windows 7 users.

Example: C:\Users\John\My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\(your account number)\(more specific numbers)\Replays\

Load up the game, access the replay screen on Battle.Net by clicking the replay button.

Starcraft 2 Hack for LAN

Author: TheTacoMan

This is beyond ridiculous. Pirates have already make a hack for LAN play in Starcraft II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0om0zrJ3Qnc

This means a couple of things:

A.) LAN is entirely possible in SCII, Blizzard have simply opted not to include it so they can force everyone onto battle.net and prevent piracy. Well i got news for you guys, your perfect system has already been cracked, so the jig is up

SC2 Unit, Building, Tech, and Counter Spreadsheet

Author: Spinkler

So I spent some time compiling all this information into a spreadsheet which I'm hoping is easily printable (I'll need to ensure it is when I'm at work - no printer here.)

Anyways, this spreadsheet was intended to be printable and easily stored in a folder of plastic pockets as a quick reference guide. I'm hoping that most of the information a newbie could want is easily and quickly accessible.

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.0.3 Release

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.0.3 is now live. This small patch addresses a minor technical issue that was preventing certain players from accessing offline play. For additional information, check out the official patch notes below.

Starcraft 2 Build Order Guide

Author: Duban

First off, what is a build order(BO)?

Literally, a build order is a set of instructions on the order and timing of buildings and units you construct. The timings are usually timed by your supply count. At a set time you should have X supply, and when you have X supply you know its time to build a given building or unit. Its a set of orders and instructions.

Figuratively, a build order is the refinement of an idea. At first you know what you want to do, but you don't know exactly how to work it into your strategy without sacrificing too much else. You don't know when you'll have the minerals/gas to spare, when you need to start mining gas to time everything perfectly, and you don't want to go into it without a plan. So you create a build order

Starcraft 2 Protoss Build Order and Strategy Guide

Author: Sirix

Updates - Added 3 Gate Robo in with the Quick Robotech build, as well as an alternate strategy of quicker gateways or quicker Robo depending on your opponent. Added the 'scouting your enemy' section. Changed a few words to keep under the 5000 char limit.

Below, I'll list a variety of opening builds, their builds orders, and a sentence or two of detail about the builds strengths and weaknesses. I'll try to follow it up with some 'what to watch for' in the opening builds of your opponents, so you can pick a viable tech tree to counter.

(Build Order is listed by supply, the number on the left being at what supply you should start building that structure/unit)

Starcraft 2 Guide: Becoming a Better Player

Author: Grunt

As a disclaimer, I'm not yet good at SC2, but I will be soon. What I do bring to what I am writing is a past pedigree of success and an outlook that will help many a gamer.

I've been in Cal league in FPS, top 40 PvP teams S1 in WoW, and have been in various clans and ladders for RTS games.

I am writing what I am writing from the standpoint of someone who never played Starcraft 1 and who has only been playing starcraft 2 for approximately a week.

Starcraft 2 Guide 10 Ways to Improve Your Playing Skills

Author: Zomgtossrush

Today I am going to give some pointers here and there on simple ways to improve your game. A lot of these are very basic, but can be applied at all levels of play. This is more of a how you should be practicing and how to get better post.

10. Control Emotions

Don't ever get too mad at the game. This can lead to being on tilt and playing poorly. Remain calm, learn from your mistakes and continue to focus on playing well.

StarCraft 2 HotKeys

Interface Hotkeys

* F10 = Menu
* F11 = Chat
* F12 = Help
* ALT + G = Map pinger
* ALT + T = Show/hide minimap terrain
* ALT + F = Alliance options
* CTRL + ALT + F = Show FPS
* PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN = Adjust view
* MOUSE WHEEL = Adjust view height
* SHIFT + [any command] = Create a series of commands
* SPACE = View last warning area
* BACKSPACE = View base
* ALT = Show / hide health points bar

Starcraft 2 Guide to Marine Marauder and Medivac

Author: OmniBOT

Since Zerg and Toss players love complaining about how OP MMM supposedly is, I'd like to share some tips with you all, my fellow Terrans, on how to do it better =D

Starcraft 2 Beginners General Guide to Micro and Macro

Author: Babyface

Hi! Now that we have all gotten our feet wet with the starcraft 2, I thought I would write a short guide to help beginners develop micro and macro skills for multiplayer. Please note this is not the end-all stop for micro and macro knowledge, it is here to help beginners get started, and to hopefully teach a few tricks to help micro and macro skill development. This guide was primarily written for Terrans, but may be adopted for other races with a few changes. So with that lets get started:

Protoss Strategy Guide: Basic Openers and Tactics

Author: Sirix

So I'm going to try to consolidate the tactics that I've learned throughout beta as well as watching countless replays. I myself am no pro, but I feel I have a fairly diverse knowledge of the basic Protoss opening strategies, even if I cannot always perfectly replicate them. Below, I'll list a variety of opening builds, their builds orders, and a sentence or two of detail about the builds strengths and weaknesses. I'll try to follow it up with some 'what to watch for' in the opening builds of your opponents, so you can pick a viable tech tree to counter.

(Build Order is listed by supply, the number on the left being at what supply you should start building that structure/unit)

Starcraft 2 Guide Zerg Versus Protoss, Fighting the 4 Gate

Author: Antpile

I've decided to write a guide on beating the 4 gate push that is all the rage right now in the 1v1 leagues. This build is rough on us poor Zergies. Here, I will teach you how to send those Zealots packing.

Opening Game

So, you are happly producing your drones and are reaching 9 or 10 supply, what do you do? Well, if you are playing on Zerg's home stadium of Scrap Station or on Desert Oasis, then you do nothing. Your overlord will be in his base momentarily and tell you all you need to know. What's that? You forgot to send your overlord to his starting position as soon as the game started? Shame on you!

Starcraft 2 Zerg Scouting Compendium Guide

Author: Nicholas

Greetings, fellow Zerglings.

Over the past few days, there have a been a lot of topics asking why (insert Terran or Protoss strat here) keeps stomping Zerg. And among the responses, one thing is agreed upon - if you don't scout it out, you're toast. Always. So, that led to posts asking how to scout, when to scout, where to scout, such and such. However, I haven't seen any threads describing exactly what you might be seeing when you scout. So, I'm going to add that, and combine everything else into one big scouting post.

Starcraft 2 Guide to Zerg Micro, Macro, and Build Orders

Author: Nicholas

Hey, guys. Now, when I wrote the Zerg Scouting Compendium, the main reason was that I had been seeing a lot of posts about scouting, Protoss and Terran build orders, different Protoss and Terran builds, that sort of thing. So, I wrote a guide to cover that, and I would hope that helped quell some of the confusion surrounding those topics. Now, I've been seeing a lot of posts about Queen macro, base macro in general, our standard build orders, and the like, so I'll write another guide-type post to try and address those issues. Again, this will mostly be information from other threads on this forum, combined into one post for convenience.

The veterans should note that this will mostly be information for newer players, but it might be worth a read. You could always learn a thing or two.

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.0.2 Release

Patch 1.0.2 is now live. This small patch addresses a few issues that were affecting single player gameplay. For further information about what fixes have been applied, check out the official patch notes below.

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.0.2 Release

Starcraft 2 Digital Download Error

Author: DFO
Here is my step by step procedures on how to install Starcraft 2 using thus fixing this problem


The file "fileset.base\Mods\Core.SC2Mod\Index.SC2Locale " in archive "<any>" could not be opened, because an error 2 occurred. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (MPQFile::OpenFromArchive)


Carefully follow these steps:

1. Using a torrent client like BitTorrent or BitComet, download http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5728458/StarCraft_2_Wings_Of_Liberty_Digital_Download-WW_corruption_fix
2. Once download completes, copy all files and paste it on the same folder where your Starcraft 2 installation files are located.
3. Double click "QuickPar-" to install QuickPar.
4. After installation of QuickPar, double click "Installer Tome 1.MPQE.par2".
QuickPar will check and fix your Starcraft 2 installation files for any missing blocks.
5. Once QuickPAr done on repairing your Starcraft 2 installation files, double click "Installer.exe" to install Starcraft 2.
6. Enjoy!

Starcraft 2 Guide on Picking a Race, SC2 Terms, and Build Orders

Here's another great guide made by Duban of Starcraft 2 community

I've played the beta and am a pretty good player. If there is one thing I've found to be critical to playing well it is choosing the right race. To do well you shouldn't pick Terran because they are human, Protoss because they are cool and high tech, or zerg because of their monstrous appetite.

Each race has a distinct play-style and/or play-styles unique to their race. Each player has a play-style that best suits their own personal play-style and play level. To do the best you can you need to find the play-style that best suits yourself, and then pick your race accordingly. Here are the races and how they play.

Learning the Language of StarCraft, Part 2

Last week, in part 1 of In the Vernacular, we highlighted popular terminology for several units and structures within the StarCraft universe. Today, we dive in a bit deeper and focus on common tactics, greetings, and slang new players may encounter as they battle opponents online and get more involved with the community.

Learning the Language of StarCraft, Part 2


  • #/# (e.g. 1/1) - Refers to the number of armor/weapon upgrades a particular type of unit currently has.

StarCraft 2 Lost Viking Achievements Guide

Just a few tips and recommendations on how to clear Lost Viking achievements.

Powerups come in a 4 varieties, side missiles, drone, plasma, and bomb. Any powerup that stays on the field will change in this order [the powerup will flash and become bigger for a moment before it changes.] |- ->Side missiles -> Drone -> Plasma --| Bomb -[note: with the exception of bombs every power up seems to have two levels of upgrade. Changing to a different weapon will loose your leveled up version though so be aware.]

The best option for success in my opinion is to follow a priority list on what to upgrade.
1. Drones x2
2. Plasma x2
3. All else bombs

StarCraft 2 Campaign Credit Glitch

This is to help people take the best advantage of the credit glitch that allows you to get every upgrade and mercenary in the game.

This is only doable once you have obtained 25 research points for both zerg and protoss. I'm not sure what the earliest possible mission is that you obtain this but once you do you can get every upgrade right there.

If you go back to an earlier mission that you can get research points on "even if you've already gotten them" you can get them again and trade them in at the research console for credits.

StarCraft 2 Completing Brutal Campaign Guide

Author: Alleji

Update: First of all, thanks for all the suggestions and requests and general attention this thread received. I'm glad this guide helped so many people with their campaign :)

A lot of you asked me to post tips on missions not included here or suggested alternative strategies. I did my best, but unfortunately I can't add much because each post has a 5000 character limit :( Also, the posts don't seem to display properly for me. The [list] tags are gone and some other stuff. Sorry! It's not me, it's the forums being buggy. I tried to make this as readable as possible.

StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide

DISCLAIMER 1: This guide may contain SPOILERS. As this is a mission mechanics guide, I don't really talk about much beyond what's listed in the achievement descriptions in-game, but still, you have been warned.

DISCLAIMER 2: This guide is mostly comprised of what I have personally observed, with a few additions from forum threads. I don't make any guarantees of accuracy, but if you see any inaccurate information, please post so I can correct it.

StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide

After beating the campaign and logging onto the forums, I noticed there have been quite a bit of confusion regarding campaign achievements, especially Liberty Completionist and HUIRN. This guide is intended to clear up any misinformation regarding achievements and provide suggestions on the best way to unlock various achievements.

StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher - SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3

1. Starcraft 2 skrimish is available on this new version of SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3
2. Works with Starcraft 2 v1.0.1
3. Based on reloaded's crack and all menus are working fine

Info Retail crack has nothing to do with this tool! So don't confuse them! This Launcher Tool was primary made for Training and Demonstrate-Promote StarCraft II only, not replacing it in any part!

SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3 Offline StarCraft 2 Retail Launcher
SC2Allin1 Retail Compatible Version is now live with new Difficulty Per Player, Handicap, Unique replay history, Custom Advanced A.I, Advanced Team Options, Cheats and much more!

StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher - SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.0.1 Release

Blizzard hasn't wasted any time patching Starcraft 2. Today we see a very small release appearing to only fix a few issues, but I'm sure there are a few things behind the scenes that go unmentioned that might have been tweaked as well. Either way, here's to optimization and a sound fix!

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.0.1 Release

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.0.1
  • Campaign saves have been optimized.
  • Fixed an issue with sound not playing on some 7.1 systems.

StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher - SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3 is now available with these features:

1. Starcraft 2 skrimish is available on this new version of SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3
2. Works with Starcraft 2 v1.0.1
3. Based on reloaded's crack and all menus are working fine

Download link:

StarCraft 2 Scrapyard Map

Scrapyard is a 2 player map featured in Battle Report 3. The starting locations are very near to each other but are separated by empty space. The ramps leading to the bases are quite large and hard to block.

Two player max
Each starting location has a natural expansion.
Three expansions are separate from the main land.
One location with rich mineral fields on the opposite side of the map from the player's starting positions.
Two Xel'Naga Towers, one of which is surrounded by LoS blockers, and the other near the rich minerals.


Players: 2
Expansions: 7
Rich Expansions: 1
Total Locations: 10
Xel'Naga Towers: 2

StarCraft 2 Scrapyard Map

StarCraft 2 Kulas Ravine Map

Kulas Ravine (pronounced ˈkül-äs rə-ˈvēn) is the first officially announced multiplayer map.


  • Four player max
  • One starting location in each corner of the map, each with a natural expansion.
  • Another natural expansion protected by destructible rocks.
  • Two locations with rich mineral fields.
  • Ten Xel'Naga Towers, four of which can be accessed from each player's rock-protected natural expansion.


Players: 4
Expansions: 8
Rich Expansions: 2
Total Locations: 14
Xel'Naga Towers: 10

StarCraft 2 Lost Kulas Ravine Map

StarCraft 2 Blistering Sands Map

Blistering Sands is a 2 player map featured in Battle Report 2.


  • Two player max
  • Starting locations are in the lower left and upper right corners of the map, each with a natural expansion.
  • Another natural expansion protected by destructible rocks.
  • Two locations with rich mineral fields protected by rocks.
  • Two Xel'Naga Towers in the center of the map.


Players: 2
Expansions: 4
Rich Expansions: 2
Total Locations: 8
Xel'Naga Towers: 2

StarCraft 2 Blistering Sands Map

StarCraft 2 Rewards, Achievements, Leagues and Ladders, Match History, and Friends

The new StarCraft II community site is loaded with exciting features, and we’d like to showcase some of the powerful profile functionality we've introduced so that you can be sure to get the most out of it.

You may have already noticed that when you log into the community site, your portrait appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen and additional information such as your ladder matches, latest achievements, friends list, and popular forum topics are displayed on the right hand side. Clicking on your portrait will take you to your profile.

Read StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide for more details SC2 campaigns and achievements.

Your profile contains a great deal of information. At first glance it gives you an overall Snapshot of your multi-player matches, Career Stats, Achievements, and even a place to Showcase your favorite achievements within the Summary.

StarCraft 2 Leagues and Ladders FAQ

The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty matchmaking engine works behind the scenes to ensure fun and evenly matched multiplayer games, but you might be curious about how the ranking system works. We've got you covered. Let's answer some of your most frequently asked questions about StarCraft II multiplayer leagues and ladders.

You may also want to read our StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Q. How do I participate in the StarCraft II leagues and ladders system?
A. To play a ladder match, click the Multiplayer menu item in the top left, select a mode from 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, select a race, and then click Find Match. After playing in five placement matches within one mode (e.g. five 1v1 matches) you will be placed in a ladder for that mode. Note that Free For All (FFA) or arranged matches where you choose to play against specific friends do not count toward placement in a league, or ranking up or down within the ladder system.

StarCraft 2 Strategy on Winning the Last Level

Here are some user contributions on how to win the very last level of Starcraft 2 Wings of Libert.

I had the siege tanks upgraded all the way, and killed off the air units.

I found that, if you got rid of the AIR, then you can use TONS of siege tanks…and just use bunkers mostly as walls….constantly have 4-5 SCV’s repairing the bunkers, a couple medics if you desire to heal them, and just constantly keep pumping siege tanks. Make sure you upgrade their damage.

It’s basically trial and error as to how you set up your tanks. Although it sucks against Ker, putting them in a nice big bunch as close to your “wall” as possible i found to be the most effective. Took my 10-15 tries… X-D

StarCraft 2 Strategy on Winning the Last Level

StarCraft 2 Single Player Cheat Codes

Here are some cheats you can use when playing StarCraft 2 Campaign.

Shooter Minigame
Click on the arcade machine on the Hyperian to play a space shooter mini game.

Extra Chatter and Animal Murder
To make animals explode, just keep double clicking on one at a pretty quick rate. After 10-15 clicks or so, the show will start.

Also, the amount of polish in the game is amazing. Every single unit has a dozen or more unique dialogue when you click on them repeatedly. The best thing to do though, is assign a unit to a group (1 to 0) and just hold the number button down and listen to the chatter.

How to Play Campaign Maps Without Battle.net Account

1. Extract SC2Folder\Campaigns\Liberty.SC2Campaign\Base.SC2Maps to a folder of your choice
2. Open up the Mapeditor that comes with SC2 and create a new map and save it as template.SC2map - then close the Editor
foreach Map 3.

3.1. Create a folder with the according map name e.g. TRaynor01
3.2. Copy and paste the template.SC2Map file in there
3.3. Open the template.SC2Map with the MPQ Editor
3.4. Go to the folder where you extracted the files of Base.SC2Maps - in my case: D:\Games\StarCraft II\Maps\Campaign\TRaynor01.SC2Map\
3.5. Drag and drop the files from the folder in the MPQ Editor
3.6. Close MPQ Editor - rename the template.SC2Map to the map name - in this case TRaynor01.SC2Map

To launch the maps - use the SC2 Mapeditor, as drag 'n dropping them over SC2.exe will cause them tojavascript:void(0) bug.

Enjoy playing campaign, although this is quite a hacky way, you can do it.

Download link
StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Torrent - RELOADED

StarCraft 2 Campaign Cracker (all languages+save load)

Buy the game! This cracker is not meant as a full replacement of the legit game!

If you cant use this tool then you don't deserve sc2.

Known issues:

There is a case sometimes when exiting completly the campaign, a message box may appear asking for validated language pack. Just press ok and ignore it, there is no problem!

StarCraft 2 Campaign Crack

StarCraft 2 Guide for Beginners

1. Download Starcraft 2 Full Client. You will need to register to battle.net to do this.

2. Install Starcraft 2

3. Download any of these cracker:

4. Enjoy!

5. Summary

What we just did is used a crack version of SC2 so we can play the single-player campaign.

You may also want to read our StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide.

StarCraft 2 Fry Launch Event - Good Game

StarCraft II is now live world-wide, and the Fry's event here on the west coast is winding down with plenty of happy players leaving with their copies. As the line filed inside, spectators still waiting in the queue got to watch a final 2v2 match pitting Blizzard's Rob Lin and attendee Tri-Vien Nguyen against Blizzard's Matt Gotcher and attendee Patton Tran. After Matt and Patton claimed victory in the first game, the two teams swapped members for a rematch, with Rob and Patton coming out victorious.

Meanwhile, the line continued inside, as the over 1,300 attendees had a chance to get their copies signed by dozens of StarCraft II developers and Blizzard employees.

And around the world, the sound of happy players clicking their mice and tapping their keyboards fills the air.

StarCraft 2 Fry's Launch Event

StarCraft 2 Authentication Code for Offline Installation

This is not the "be all and end all" of information, this does not circumvent battle.net account authentication nor is it a crack of any sort, just a few simple steps to install the game without an active internet connection (LAN party anyone? when a battle.net emulator appears, duh!).

StarCraft 2 Authentication Code for Offline Installation

StarCraft 2 Installation Guide


Place the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty DVD into your DVD-ROM drive. If your computer has autoplay enabled, an installation window will automatically pop up on your Windows desktop. Left-click the Install StarCraft II button and follow the onscreen instructions to install StarCraft II on your hard drive.

StarCraft 2 Installation Guide

Cracked SC2.exe and MapEditor

Cracked SC2.exe and MapEditor

Step by step procedures

1. First of all,

SC2Editor.exe goes into the Support folder and the SC2.exe goes into Versions\Base15976. Don't forget to make a backup of both files so you can play once the servers are up.

When you start the SC2Editor and the nag screen occurs which asks you to login, press no then you can use it without any problems.

SC2ALLin1 v10.2.2 Offline StarCraft 2 Beta Launcher

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SC2Allin1 Beta phase2 compatible version is now live with new Difficulty Per Player, Handicap, Unique replay history and much more!

Works 100% only with the new MapPack available also for download Here, and sc2 beta patched up to version 17-18.

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sc2ALLin1 v10.2.2 Offline StarCraft 2 Beta Launcher

StarCraft 2 Single Player Crack

Here's a better way to play Starcraft 2 Single Player even without a BNET account.

Using this crack you'll be able to load SC2Map/SC2Replay files without having a license.

Follow the instructions carefully.

StarCraft 2 Single Player Crack

BlizzCast #14: StarCraft 2 Special

In our 14th BlizzCast episode, we are joined by Production Director Chris Sigaty and Game Director Dustin Browder to discuss the StarCraft II beta experience and to recap some of the custom maps and creative strategies adopted by beta testers. The developers also delve into several ot...her exciting topics including the upcoming achievement system and what players can expect to find in both the StarCraft II single-player campaign and challenge modes once the game is released.

Check out BlizzCast 14 now!

Win StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Gear From Razer

Want to be among the first to get your hands on Razer's entire line of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty peripherals? Enter Razer's midnight launch contest and you could win the new Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse, the Razer Marauder StarCraft II Gaming Keyboard, a...nd the Razer Banshee StarCraft II Gaming Headset. These products feature a multi-color APM (Actions-Per-Minute) lighting system that provides real-time feedback about your performance and allows you to configure visual alerts to in-game situations.

The contest begins at midnight on July 27 and runs until midnight on July 31. Visit www.razerzone.com/sc2 for additional details.

StarCraft 2 Beginner Guide

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is almost here, and we want to make sure players of all skill levels know their way around the game. We’ve put together a comprehensive game guide which we'll continue to expand in the coming weeks. In this guide you’ll find a plethora of helpful information, including instructional videos featuring guidance from familiar voices.

StarCraft 2 Beginner's Guide

Learning the Language of StarCraft, Part 1

Over its 12-year lifespan, the StarCraft community has developed its own culture, etiquette, and even its own language. As result, if you've never played StarCraft before, you might stumble across unfamiliar acronyms or phrases as you read through various blogs, announcements, forum posts, and comments available throughout the web. This vocabulary can be confusing if you're trying to learn more about the game, so in an effort to help you become fluent in the language of the StarCraft community, we've prepared a series of blogs that highlight and define some of the more popular terms for units, structures, tactics, and greetings.

Learning the Language of StarCraft, Part 1

In this first installment, we cover terminology for common units and structures. Like with any language, these terms can evolve and change, but we hope this will help get you started.

StarCraft 2 Midnight Launch Event at Fry’s

We’ve just announced plans for the official StarCraft II launch event taking place at Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA. Festivities will start at 9 p.m. on July 26, and attendees will be able to pick up their copies and get them signed by Blizzard developers starting at midnight. To learn more about the event, check out the press release and head over to our midnight launch event page. We hope to see you there!

For those unable to attend our Southern California event, please note that GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart will be holding launch events throughout the country. See our midnight launch event page for further details.

Single-Player Preview -Challenge Missions

Challenge missions bring a new and exciting flavor to the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty single-player experience by pitting players against a set of missions designed to help them test, improve, and ultimately master abilities beyond the scope of what the tutorial has to offer. 3 days left

SC2 Ghost of the Past Trailer

5 days left before the release of Starcraft 2, Blizzard has released a new epic trailer.

StarCraft 2 Lost Temple Map

Welcome to the Reconnaissance Report, your official look into the maps of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. To kick off the series, this week's featured map is Lost Temple, an original StarCraft favorite recently revamped and ready for action.

Lost Temple

Starcraft 2 Full Client Download

Blizzard is allowing the full client to be downloaded before release!


* Who should download StarCraft II in advance?
If you intend to purchase StarCraft II digitally, downloading the client now will allow you to simply pay and play when digital copies of StarCraft II go on sale.

* Will digital copies of StarCraft II be available as soon as the game is released in stores?
No. They’ll go on sale slightly later, on 07/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT in North America and Latin America.

* ** I clicked SKIP instead of ACTIVATE – is that bad?
That’s OK, just go to http://beta-us.battle.net/account/management/add-game.html and log in.

Starcraft 2 Pre-Download



And also, here is a preview of the new SC2 profile site.



Download links:
English (US) Windows
English (US) Macintosh

System Requirements:

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 18 Release

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 18 Release - Patch 18 (version where Mac StarCraft II Editor is now available!

Get the latest SC2 patch download from here.

StarCraft II Beta – Patch 18 (version

-The Mac StarCraft II Editor is now available!

Bug Fixes
- Burrowed Ultralisks now have the correct 500 hit points while burrowed.
- Fixed an issue where custom maps utilizing custom loading screens could cause players to lag or be dropped from Battle.net.
- Fixed an issue during replays when rewinding could cause the replay to desync.
- Fixed an issue with in-game menus causing performance issues.

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 17 Release

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 17 Release - Patch 17 (version is finally here. Seems like some changes will be reverted back because it is for testing purposes only.

Get the latest SC2 patch download from here.

StarCraft II Beta – Patch 17 (version

Bug Fixes
  • Many of the following bug fixes were intended for internal testing only, and are now being reverted.
    • 250mm Strike Cannons can no longer deal damage to hidden targets.
    • Barracks build time decreased from 65 to 60 seconds.
    • Bunker build time decreased from 40 to 30 seconds.
    • Canceling morphing Banelings now returns 75% of the cost like other morphing Zerg units.
    • Hellion range reverted from 6 to 5.
    • Reaper build time decreased from 45 to 40 seconds.
    • Zealot build time decreased from 38 to 33 seconds.

StarCraft 2 Midnight Openings Across Europe

StarCraft 2 Midnight Openings Across Europe - Reports of zerg activity have been coming in from all across the world, and we need you to fend off the swarm that’s set to arrive this summer with the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Retailers across Europe are hosting special midnight store openings to celebrate t...he release, and will start selling the game at midnight on July 26/27. Be among the first to get your hands on the Collector’s Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty!

StarCraft 2 Midnight Openings Across Europe

StarCraft 2 Single-Player Campaign Preview

StarCraft 2 Single-Player Campaign Preview - For our latest preview, we’ve climbed aboard the Hyperion to give you a sneak peak at some of the features that will be available within the single-player campaign for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Come aboard and learn more about Mercenaries, the Armory, and the Laboratory.

StarCraft 2 Beta Phase Two Begins

StarCraft 2 Beta Phase Two Begins - The (second) wait is finaly over! Starcraft 2 Beta Phase 2 is out now across the globe and the new patch is to be installed. Hope you guys have thin patience, because the wait-time may take a little while. The beta update was released around 11:00 pm (PCT) but no statement by Blizzard has been released yet.

Blizzard Entertainment and Korean Air Unveiled StarCarft 2 Themed Plane

Blizzard Entertainment and Korean Air unveiled the first StarCraft II airplane to approximately 300 industry partners and press during the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty launch press event at the Korean Air hangar located at Gonghang-dong, Kangseo-gu, Seoul on June 24, 2010. Regional Managing Director Jungwon Hahn and Production Director Chris Sigaty added their thoughts on the co-marketing campaign.

SC2 Achievement Dialogs

SC2 Achievement Dialogs

League of Legends Item Icons

League Of Legends Item Icons - Here's all, if not then most, of the League of Legend item icons. Converted them all into .TGA from .DDS so people can preview them without having to import them or any other hassle. Enjoy!

Download link:

MapCraft Download

MapCraft 1.5 is a program that allows PC and Mac users to play custom games over Battle.net 2.0 with multiple players. A single player feature is included as well, primarily for Mac users who have no map editor to run Test Document on.

As of MapCraft 1.4, Extinction is now the default Multiplayer map.


Starcraft 2 M3 Plugins for 3ds Max

Starcraft 2 Model (.M3) Plugins for 3ds Max is a Starcraft 2 Model plugins designed for 3ds Max 2010. Should work with 3ds Max 6 and above.

The importer and exporter will now be bundled together along with Starcraft 2 object definitions for using custom objects (materials, maps, UI, etc) within 3ds Max. I've chosen to distribute them together so that the object file definitions are in sync with each script.

SC2 Localizer

SC2 Localizer - It's the original localization to take the data from and use for the other localizations. There's no single localization, it will add any missing ones/change existing ones to primary one. Well, it's intended to throw an error if you've already opened the map with MPQEditor/GE (crashing atm) having used a try & catch there.

SC2 Localizer

SC2 Map Analyzer

SC2 Map Analyzer analyzes melee maps and creates PNG images and CSV spreadsheets with the results. It measures shortest paths between key locations, computes "openness" around the map and measures positional balance! Use it to gather data on the official maps or help develop your own.

Starcraft 2 Unused Hidden Terrain Textures

Starcraft 2 Unused Hidden Terrain Textures - 11 hidden, unused terrain textures found while digging through the files.

Most of them are rehashed versions of already known textures, but some (Meinhoff Grating or Port Zion Tiles) seem to be unique.

The attached SC2Map file has all the textures arranged into two tilesets. Simply ctrl+c/ctrl+v them into your maps/mods.

Starcraft 2 MapCache

Starcraft 2 MapCache

Your assessment appears to be correct. My only recommendation would be to tell them to follow proxy standards. They are returning cached files based on the first X amount of data instead of the filename. In fact, it may even be a security issue. Compare the zipped file below with the unzipped one. If they're different, see the security advisory I put out for Orcon.

Placing the included file into your cache folder will fix the issue:

EDIT: Opps, forgot to say where... \Cache\64\02 is where it needs to go. The cache folder is organized by \first2letters\second2letters\. The file names themselves are the sha-256 hash of the file.

Unzipped (to see if that security issue is still there):

Download links:

StarCrack ALLin1 v9.7.7 Download

Beta phase1 is OVER but you can still play the game with this launcher!! If you need to reinstall and the game doesnt automatically patch plz visit this great link and after READING carefully do the patches your self manually

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