7 step For Newbie to become a decent player.

This is some quick guide. For a Newbie player who cant get out Bronze league.
Im not a diamond myself, but for most people they just love this game but can't be a decent
player. if you want to get silver or gold try some of these guide its from my own exprience.
now sit back and relax my friend.

First, Watch a lot i mean a lot Pro replay, not the casted one.

i know i know the casted one is more fun to watch but to see they build order, macro micro etc you need to see they "real replay" See the build order, try it.
you will need at least 4-5 games to make it perfect. and trust me, doing it are Much harder than sayin it.

And dont forget to watch your own replay so you can see when you go wrong.
Sometimes you can learn a lot from enemy strat and tricks too.

Second get some objective.
Turn the clock game on and make this little objective based game like

3 - 4 minute/reaper haras > 4 - 10 minute/Marauders marine and tank > 10 - 15 minute/Banshee harass produce some medivac > Late game/2-3 BC and Marine marauder medic

Third is dont be afraid to harass, attack and scout.
Scouting is cheap, use your worker to go and see the enemy base.
new player most mistake is always turtling, when you turtling and the enemy knows it
they will expand and you will be outnumbered at mid game.

Harass them! try to attack your enemy economy with small but effective force like 3 marines 1 helion or 2-3 banshee you could also Proxy the base if you feel the enemies build order are economy based, Yes Cheese is a legal strategy too. if they are not scouting, hit them hard!

Fourth dont forget to Expand.
You see, almost all the pro player Expand quickly. the objective is for extra Vespene.
you see mineral can be gathered by about 22-24 SCV but vespene only 6 SCV per base.
thats make higher tier unit hard to build.

Fifth is to Counter those cheese!
Whenever canon rush, Proxy gateway, mass marine rush,6 pool.
you will encounter this strat alot in any league. every cheese has its own Counter.
theres no such a thing called unbeatable cheese strat. the key is to scout your base and
your enemy base.

If you go to toss enemy base and only see workers and nexus, than almost 90% you can sure that they are proxy the gateway or canon rushing you. quick! search your area.
same with 6 pool, if you go to zerg base and he have nothin but 6 drones and 1 pool
you can guess that the ling gonna come out.

If you can counter these cheese you are guaranted to win almost 30% of your games in bronze league =)

Sometimes in higher league the enemy is tryin to decept you. like when he build 6 pool build.
and when he see you scout him and your scout go to base, he will go for fast tech Muta. but this is another talk for another day.

sixth dont play too much league game in a row.
Yes im serious, theres custom game to play for fun!
dont play league games 10 games non stop. its make you more and more stressful
the result is more lose than win. trust me its normal. we are human afterall
we have our peak and decline.

let just say First and second games like heating the oven
Third to sixth games is your Golden game you are heat up and get the focus to do the magic.
Of course not everyone feel like this but most of people are feeling like this.
Dont forget to do your real life Errands or Homework too for the player that still go to school.
And you dont want you girlfriend delete your own WOW account did ya?

See this:

seventh get some good and quality sleep.

have you wondered when youre study till late night and you still dont remember it
but when you wake up at morning and try to remember it and Voila! you remember it!
or when you try perfecting you Piano skill but it's frikkin hard but the next morning you can do it!

Why is that? is because Human learned when they sleep. yes the brain are constructing your memory and experience when you sleep. No matter How hard you Practice if you never sleep you will never get more skilled. why? because Human needs sleep to Rest the brain and to *save the data* on your *Hard disk*.

So yes get some decent sleep, dont play till late night.
oh and dont forget feed your cat. my cat are angry to me. =\

I just give this seven step because if i add more it will be hard to remember.
but just remember those six things. hope with your skill improved after tryin these.
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Since this Guide is for newbie, i hope Diamond player can make us a guide that make us "average player" become better =p

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