Starcraft 2 Free Play Weekend FAQ

ever wanted to play Starcraft 2 for free? Here's your chance to join Starcraft 2 Free Play Weekend where players may able to play starcarft 2 for free for 72 hours starting November 19 up to 21.

Read the announcement here Starcraft 2 Free Play Weekend

Q: What is a free-play weekend?

A: Eligible players in Southeast Asia will receive free access to the single-player and multiplayer modes of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for a 72-hour period starting at 12:01 a.m. (Singapore time) on Friday, November 19 and ending at 11:59 p.m. (Singapore time) on Sunday, November 21.

Q: Who is eligible for the free-play weekend?

A: Southeast Asian players who have a account but do not currently have a StarCraft II license attached to it are eligible.

Q: I have played StarCraft II via Guest Pass. Am I eligible to access the free-play weekend on the same account?

A: No. Only accounts without an existing StarCraft II license attached are eligible to participate.

Q: I already own a copy of StarCraft II. How can I benefit from the free-play weekend?

The free-play weekend is intended for people who have not already purchased StarCraft II, similar to an open beta test for players to try the game out on a limited-time basis. If you have any friends who have not tried or are interested in trying StarCraft II, this is the perfect opportunity for them to do so.

Q: If I add time to my account during the free-play weekend, when does it start counting down?

A: If you add time to your account once you are in the free-play weekend, your time will not be deducted until the free-play weekend time has expired.

Q: Will I be able to play StarCraft II on the free-play weekend in an Internet game room or gaming cafe?

A: As long as the cafe has StarCraft II installed, you can log in with your own account to enjoy the free-play weekend, provided you meet the eligibility rules above. Call and make sure your neighbourhood cafes install StarCraft II before November 18!

Q: How do I download the game client?

A: A free digital download will be made available on Monday, November 15. This download link will be active throughout the 72-hour promotional period.

Q: Will I retain my records from the free-play weekend if I decide to upgrade to a full retail version or purchase prepaid game cards?

A: Yes, your account will retain all your in-game records and progress from the free-play weekend, as well as any you gain from using prepaid game cards in the future. This includes portraits, achievements, win-loss records, and league rankings.

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