StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher - SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3

1. Starcraft 2 skrimish is available on this new version of SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3
2. Works with Starcraft 2 v1.0.1
3. Based on reloaded's crack and all menus are working fine

Info Retail crack has nothing to do with this tool! So don't confuse them! This Launcher Tool was primary made for Training and Demonstrate-Promote StarCraft II only, not replacing it in any part!

SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3 Offline StarCraft 2 Retail Launcher
SC2Allin1 Retail Compatible Version is now live with new Difficulty Per Player, Handicap, Unique replay history, Custom Advanced A.I, Advanced Team Options, Cheats and much more!

StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher - SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3

StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher - SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3

StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher - SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3

Retail Maps Link

Works 100% only with the Retail MapPack available also for download here.

Download Retail MapPack - download one-by-one

Feel free without modifying the maps and uploaded to any other mirrors (HF,MU,etc) and PM me the links.

What is ALLin1 tool??

It is an automated legit launcher tool that makes it possible for you to play the SC2 Retail offline, without cd-keys etc, load skirmish battles, and watch replays.
It doesn't mess with the original SC2 game and will allow you to play WAN (if you have bought the game), and also download updates normally!

The launcher has a user friendly interface with no need to copy and paste files around. Simply install the SC2 Retail and then the launcher and you are ready to play!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Launcher is now working only with the full Starcraft 2 Wings of liberty game.Also when you instal it on win 7 or vista you must instal it as administrator and launch it as administrator!

Q: Is this launcher compatible with the retail version of StarCraft II?
A: Older versions than v10.3.3 are not compatible with the retail version of the game! v10.3.3 or later is!.

Q: Do i need new retail maps to play with the launcher v10.3.3 or later?
A: Yes! Those maps will be available for download from the tool's download page or can be auto installed from the launcher new button called "Add Maps from Server", located in Maps Tab.!

Q: I am missing some of the map elements, what should I do?
A: Use the latest game maps which can be downloaded from the main.

Q: Is this launcher legit?
A: Somewhat, yes, it is.

Q: The launcher wont start ,what should I do?
A: Make sure you have .NET 4 , and the verdana font

Q: Launcher will not launch the game properly(any other problems that are not metioned in this FAQ), what should I do?
A: Make sure the launcher or game is not blocked by the antivirus or firewall, and if you are a Vista or Win7 user run the launcher as administrator or turn off UAC

Q: I want to make my own dificulty level, how can I do that?
A: You can manualy do it(which might screw your game if you have no idea what you are doing) or just wait until the launcher will have the AI editor

Q: I've got a problem but the FAQ didn't help, what should I do?
A: Try to reinstall the game.

Q: Starcraft II patched to a new version what should I do?
A: Check for any new updates of the launcher, if there are any download them, delete the one you previously had, and install this new one.

Q: When I run the launcher the User Interface seems "off place" (borders, buttons, etc.) what is wrong?
(e.g. "Off place" UI)
A: You have set your Windows Font DPI settings over or under 100%. The launcher works only with fonts set at 100% DPI!

Q: Can I play the game with this launcher without an internet conection?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I play custom maps?
A: Yes you can as long as they don't have triggers (besides the default) and are made like the blizzard maps.So if you want to make your own map to launch it with this launcher, first load in the editor an official map and study it.For any other maps you want to try out load it in the map editor and press the "Test Document" button.

Q: I get an error msg "file not found" every time i try to launch a game why?
A: Your Antivirus / Firewall / UAC / or Windows Rights are preventing the tool for running correctly and create the files needed! Even worst those file may be deleted automatically or blocked by your AV software! Turn them all OFF and reinstall the launcher and run it as Administrator!

Q :I am pressing the Launch button but nothing happens! No error, nothing, the game just doesn't start up! Why?
A: Possible the game is "stuck" running in your memory! Press ctrl+alt+del open Task-Manager locate "sc2.exe" process, and END TASK it, or just restart your computer.

Q: I downloaded some map files but i don't know where to place them. What should I do?
-For Win XP users: place them in C:\Documents and Settings\*YourUserName*\My Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Maps\
-For Vista and Win7 users: C:\Users\*YourUserName*\Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Maps\
-OR simply use from the Launcher's Map Tab, the button "Add maps from folder...

Q: I am getting this error:The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). What should I do?
A: You need to instal.NET 3.5 SP1

Q: The games updates in an endless loop. What should I do?
A: Start the game from its original exe file not with the launcher and let it update, it takes some time so give it time. If that doesn't solve the problem just google the patches and update manualy.

Q: My replays wont work, why?
A: Replays should work properly, try deleting the cache files, make sure its a replay made in the latest game version(or whatever game version you have) and if that does not work try reinstalling the game. Also they might not work because blizzard does something to them when the game patches to a new version.

Q: The AI is to easy (or to hard) for me. Why?
A: Try lowering the difficulty(or rising it) or use the Green tea AI or Dark green commander AI. You can instal the AI by placing the folder with the AI which can be found here on nibbits in the AI folder in the launcher directory.

Temporary moved FAQ content

FAQ parts that are no longer used but might still help and will get included in the main FAQ later will be moved here OR FAQ parts that I am not sure what to do with them.

Q: I have downloaded the launcher file but it has no extension, what should I do?
A: Just add the extension ".exe" without the quotes in the file name. (e.g. mysetupfile.exe)

Extra notes

Before posting a question that might have been already answered read a bit, waste a few hours trying to solve it yourself and only than post your problem when you realy can't figure why.Solving it on your own is way more fun and educational than simply getting your answer on a silver plate.

Click here to download.

Download link:
Download SC2ALLin1_setup1033.exe - StarCraft 2 Offline Retail Launcher


Anonymous said...

what this screenshot has to do with the sc2allin1 launcher?

plz updated it ;-)


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Anonymous said...

Is the WAN being mentioned here is just like a LAN? I mean, my friends and i wants to play this game. I couldn't find a way to connect each other and play together. Can we do this with this tool? Tnx.

|-§hOu-| said...

i installed sc2 and retail launcher, but it appear that the program stop working with Problem Event Name: CLR20r3.
i'd already installed .NET 4 and verdana font, closed my firewall and antivirus, did all said in FAQ but the problem still remain... can someone help me? plz..

Aditya said...

is this going to work with Starcraft II's RTM version? because i think all of the instruction listed here is for Starcraft II Beta version.

thanks before.

Anonymous said...

help i cant use this after i ghost my pc, the error messenge:"couldnt load file or assembly,version=1.1.2619.31671,culture=neutral,publickeytoken=null or one of its dependencies;application failed to start becuz of configuration is incorrect, please reinstall"; i tried to install visual C++ but it's useless

Anonymous said...

The download links seem to be broken,

ezgamer2010 said...

hi all,
i want to set the handicap (health) to 17% . sc2allin1 allows us to set the handicap (health) in multiples of 5. but i want it to be any number from 1 to 100 , like 6% 58% etc.please do this in the next version of sc2allin1.

Goran Čarubrić said...

When I start the sc2allin1 v10.3.3 it says so me "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" idk what that means. Can someone help me solve this problem?