Starcraft 2 Hack for LAN

Author: TheTacoMan

This is beyond ridiculous. Pirates have already make a hack for LAN play in Starcraft II

This means a couple of things:

A.) LAN is entirely possible in SCII, Blizzard have simply opted not to include it so they can force everyone onto and prevent piracy. Well i got news for you guys, your perfect system has already been cracked, so the jig is up

B.) Even though myself and my friends have legitimate, release-day purchases of SCII, we have to resort to underhanded unofficial hacks in order to enjoy this game at LAN parties.

Contrary to what people might think, the LAN party is NOT dead. In Australia at least, there are rather large (500 players +) quarterly LAN parties in every state (respawn lan for melbourne, reloaded lan for SA ect), and it's quite absurd to presume the LAN organizers can provide a stable connection for 500 players.

I urge you Blizzard, PLEASE patch in LAN support! At the very least you can take a leaf out of Valve's book, and offer a LAN mode that still requires connection to the Steam servers, yet sends the data locally.

I'd really like a Blue reply to explain to me why LAN isn't included now, given the circumstances.

Author: Woddee

If they do have a LAN hack, or if they do have a LAN hack, then I might just have a way for you girls and boys to play with your friends in other regions.

I do not recommend hacking your Starcraft for LAN as this may void your license (for Daxxarri's sake)

But if someone happens to be able to play LAN and they wished to play with a play with a player in another region, there is a program called Hamachi, which emulates a network. By this I mean, your computer thinks it is connecting to two networks, although really it is just creating/joining a network created by you or the host.

We need to be certain to avoid these things as this is not how the game was intended to be played.

I should also recommend that anyone reading this post does not visit this website:

and does not download, and install hamachi onto their computer.

Because this would mean that you could play with your friends from other regions, and this is not what Blizzard wants.


Anonymous said...

the fckin' survey sites. Could some1 post a link from megupload or rapidshare

Anonymous said...

To everyone reading this: the link is OBVIOUSLY fake. This would be headline news, not just on some obscure blog. I think LAN-like play can be done (local emulation) but it'll probably take at least a year before someone does it.

Anonymous said...

It's fake. Infected by a Trojan. Dummies.

Anonymous said...

Fuck blizzrad wants ... all the game need function lan

Anonymous said...

Trojan-infected post payed by..... Blizzard! These dudes don't want you enjoy playing LAN. They want your money. Thats all :)

Yayap4 said...

Wow you guys are retarded. Why do you think it's fake? The only reason it isn't "frontline news" is because of people like you saying that! Yes it does work and i downloaded it. If you dont believe me then just try! If your afraid of a virus (u idiot)then get an anti-virus program!

Anonymous said...

Nigga, get out of here with that bullshit. This shit is obviously fake.

Anonymous said...

try starfriend, it works well ... !

Anonymous said...

only just got SC2 so im a bit late to this(LANless) party. Grr it angers that blizz would do this and after a bit of research it seems that this was mostly to stop piracy. well i got news for you blizzard it didnt work i did a bit of searching and i found a cracked copy of your game released as a torrent dated the day SC2 came out here. the biggest announce for me when it comes to SC2 multilayer is when playing my brother in the same room on the same network all of my commands are first sent to a server (probably miles away) before reaching his computer. and what about when i havent payed my internet bills?
well thank you blog author for pointing this out to me