Blizzard Entertainment and Korean Air Unveiled StarCarft 2 Themed Plane

Blizzard Entertainment and Korean Air unveiled the first StarCraft II airplane to approximately 300 industry partners and press during the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty launch press event at the Korean Air hangar located at Gonghang-dong, Kangseo-gu, Seoul on June 24, 2010. Regional Managing Director Jungwon Hahn and Production Director Chris Sigaty added their thoughts on the co-marketing campaign.

SC2 Achievement Dialogs

SC2 Achievement Dialogs

League of Legends Item Icons

League Of Legends Item Icons - Here's all, if not then most, of the League of Legend item icons. Converted them all into .TGA from .DDS so people can preview them without having to import them or any other hassle. Enjoy!

Download link:

MapCraft Download

MapCraft 1.5 is a program that allows PC and Mac users to play custom games over 2.0 with multiple players. A single player feature is included as well, primarily for Mac users who have no map editor to run Test Document on.

As of MapCraft 1.4, Extinction is now the default Multiplayer map.


Starcraft 2 M3 Plugins for 3ds Max

Starcraft 2 Model (.M3) Plugins for 3ds Max is a Starcraft 2 Model plugins designed for 3ds Max 2010. Should work with 3ds Max 6 and above.

The importer and exporter will now be bundled together along with Starcraft 2 object definitions for using custom objects (materials, maps, UI, etc) within 3ds Max. I've chosen to distribute them together so that the object file definitions are in sync with each script.

SC2 Localizer

SC2 Localizer - It's the original localization to take the data from and use for the other localizations. There's no single localization, it will add any missing ones/change existing ones to primary one. Well, it's intended to throw an error if you've already opened the map with MPQEditor/GE (crashing atm) having used a try & catch there.

SC2 Localizer

SC2 Map Analyzer

SC2 Map Analyzer analyzes melee maps and creates PNG images and CSV spreadsheets with the results. It measures shortest paths between key locations, computes "openness" around the map and measures positional balance! Use it to gather data on the official maps or help develop your own.

Starcraft 2 Unused Hidden Terrain Textures

Starcraft 2 Unused Hidden Terrain Textures - 11 hidden, unused terrain textures found while digging through the files.

Most of them are rehashed versions of already known textures, but some (Meinhoff Grating or Port Zion Tiles) seem to be unique.

The attached SC2Map file has all the textures arranged into two tilesets. Simply ctrl+c/ctrl+v them into your maps/mods.

Starcraft 2 MapCache

Starcraft 2 MapCache

Your assessment appears to be correct. My only recommendation would be to tell them to follow proxy standards. They are returning cached files based on the first X amount of data instead of the filename. In fact, it may even be a security issue. Compare the zipped file below with the unzipped one. If they're different, see the security advisory I put out for Orcon.

Placing the included file into your cache folder will fix the issue:

EDIT: Opps, forgot to say where... \Cache\64\02 is where it needs to go. The cache folder is organized by \first2letters\second2letters\. The file names themselves are the sha-256 hash of the file.

Unzipped (to see if that security issue is still there):

Download links:

StarCrack ALLin1 v9.7.7 Download

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Razer Released Starcraft 2 Products

As the highly anticipated Starcraft 2 comes nearer, it was only a matter of time before we saw a complimentary set of gear to fully satisfy the crazed SC2 fan. Razer has obliged in fulfilling fan desires by releasing four Starcraft 2-inspired products - the Specter Starcraft 2 Gaming Mouse, the Marauder Starcraft 2 Gaming Keyboard, the Banshee Starcraft 2 Gaming Headset, and the Zerg Messenger Bag. Not only does this gear come fully loaded with the typical gamer-desired add-ons, they change the style and feel of your very own gaming environment.

With sleek trim profile with fluorescent blue lighting, this gear is designed to look awesome while providing the gaming functionality that we all expect. Of course, one might call this reading a book by its cover. But these products do not simply cater to gamer vanity - they incorporate unique features to maximize functionality and playability. Here's a peak into what one can expect from each respective product.

Korean Air StarCarft 2 Themed Planes

It's been a long wait, but StarCraft II is due out next month! To celebrate the July 27th launch date, Blizzard have partnered with Korean Air to produce two StarCarft II: Wings of Liberty themed planes and a set of StarCraft II themed limousines as well. 2.0 Core Issues

Some of the core problems with 2.0 are being discussed on the Bnet forums.

Question: Player-based "core" issues, in no certain order:

1. Are chat channels predicted to be coming sooner than later?
1.5. Will we have private channels much like the 1 structure, even without the presence of public default channels?

2. Is LAN play restricted solely to tournaments, given the information provided about "Premium" edition?
2.5. Will LAN see a future in retail versions of SC2?

Starcraft 2 Commercial on NBA

The first Starcraft 2 commercial aired during the NBA finals as announced and it's made it's way to YouTube!

Interview with WhiteRa

Today at I am very pleased to announce that we have an interview with the famed Protoss player WhiteRa. A veteran Brood War player, WhiteRa is known most recently for his presence in the Starcraft II Beta eSport scene, having won TeamLiquid’s SC2 Invitational 1, and the HDH Invitational among others. We had a chance to sit down with him and talk about topics ranging from preparing for tournaments, to his families reaction to his gaming success.

Starcraft 2 Dominion Community

The Dominion fights for the perseverance of our way of life; the survival of our species. Citizens like you can bolster humanity's strength by enlisting in the unwavering forces of the Dominion war machine. Join our ranks by taking the entrance exam. Help our cause by contributing to our Propaganda campaign. Earn your place in history!

By "liking" and "sharing" content on the site, taking the entrance exam, and submitting original propaganda posters in the art contest, you will help advance the progress bar below, unlocking exclusive StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty content!

StarCraft II Cinematic Footage

Watch StarCraft II Cinematic Footage on NBA Finals. Check it out during the ABC broadcast beginning this Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern or 6 p.m. Pacific time.

You might laugh out loud or find it funny and some says "Conspiracy Theory: They take the beta away to get us to watch the NBA?"...

But this is true.

Starcraft 2 Beta Phase 1

The first phase of beta will be concluding at 11:00 PM PDT tonight, June 7. At that time no further logins will be possible, and anyone already in a game will have a short time before being automatically logged off. Thank you once again for helping test StarCraft II! More information will be given on the official website and forums as we near beta phase two.

Please also keep in mind that these forums will remain live during the downtime and that your behavior will impact your ability to continue posting now, into phase two, and the future.

Save your favourite games as videos, because the folders will be wiped out and the replays won't be backwards compatible.

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 16 Release

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 16 Release - Apparently there was some balance changes... The Ultralisk buff should definitely help. Oh yeah this patch also fix a major issue. The only thing i don't like is the rally change.

Get the latest SC2 patch download from here.

StarCraft II Beta – Patch 16 (version

  • Rally points now behave as a move command, instead of an attack move command.
  • Enabled the ability to manually add a StarCraft II character friend using the player's character code. Character code is a server-assigned numerical code that is displayed within the Add Friend panel.
  • Achievements & Rewards have been updated.
  • All Quick Match modes are now available: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and Free For All.
  • All A.I. difficulties are now available for play.
  • Cooperative matchmaking versus A.I. players is now available as a play mode.
  • Enabled cross-game social features between World of Warcraft and StarCraft II.

Balance Changes
  • ZERG
    • Infestor
      • Frenzy spell removed.
      • Infested Terran spell added.
    • Overseer
      • Infested Terran spell removed.
    • Ultralisk
      • Now immune to stuns and mind control.

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 15 Release

StarCraft II Beta – Patch 15 (version

Get the latest SC2 patch download from here.

  • Improved the system that handles initial placement and promotion/relegation between Leagues & Ladders.

Balance Changes
    • Hellion
      • Weapon upgrade bonus decreased from 1 (+1 Light) to 1.

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 14 Release

StarCraft II Beta -- Patch 14 (version

Get the latest SC2 patch download from here.

Balance Changes
    • Archon
      • Build time decreased from 17 to 12.