Starcraft 2 Dominion Community

The Dominion fights for the perseverance of our way of life; the survival of our species. Citizens like you can bolster humanity's strength by enlisting in the unwavering forces of the Dominion war machine. Join our ranks by taking the entrance exam. Help our cause by contributing to our Propaganda campaign. Earn your place in history!

By "liking" and "sharing" content on the site, taking the entrance exam, and submitting original propaganda posters in the art contest, you will help advance the progress bar below, unlocking exclusive StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty content!

Message from Dominion:
You Have Been Chosen To Become a
Pack your bags, citizen! We are ready to save you from your bleak and irrelevant existence. You've proven that you have a tough-as-neosteel attitude, possess the guts to complete an assignment no matter the cost, and are about as smart as the creep I scraped off my boot this morning. A package from Augustgrad will be arriving shortly with your first set of stimpacks. Give 'em a try. But go easy, they've got a kick. We're shipping you off to the barracks for brain-panning at 0600 tomorrow morning. It's mostly harmless, and you will… well… we will prevail. Prepare for the infantry, maggot! You are hereby recruited to become a marine, the ballistic alloy shield of the emperor's expansive colonies!

How to join?
Propaganda contest:

All forms of persuasion are encouraged. Use any techniques you feel your favorite race would deem effective: appeal to fear or patriotism, demonize your enemies. Create slogans, spread disinformation, do whatever it takes to galvanize the troops. Have a look at the samples if you're in need of inspiration.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed; prizes include an Alienware M11x Laptop, an Alienware OptX 2310 3D 120Hz LCD monitor with an NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Kit, a Razer Mamba™ gaming mouse, and a Razer Sphex™ gaming-grade desktop skin.

Eligibility requirements:

* Poster dimensions must be at least 1024 x 768 in resolution
* File size must not exceed 5MB

Facebook users will judge submissions on the creativity of their design, their illustration technique, and the lore content of their submission. See the official rules page for details.

You only have until July 8 to enter, so get started on your awe-inspiring propaganda!

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