SC2 Map Analyzer

SC2 Map Analyzer analyzes melee maps and creates PNG images and CSV spreadsheets with the results. It measures shortest paths between key locations, computes "openness" around the map and measures positional balance! Use it to gather data on the official maps or help develop your own.

SC2 Map Analyzer is a Windows command-line tool, although you can use it easily by double-clicking or drag-and-drop style, too.


sc2mapanalyzer OPTIONS FILES

Valid OPTIONS are listed below. OPTIONS and FILES may appear in any order.
  • If FILE is a map, it is analyzed.
  • If FILE is a directory, all maps inside are analyzed. Use the -r option to recursively search directories for maps.

sc2mapanalyzer needs some DLLs to run, so if you are not familiar with using a command shell here's how you can get started quickly. Wherever you decide to store the tool, make sure you leave it with the other files it needs there. Then right-click the sc2mapanalyzer executable and choose to create a shortcut. You can drag that shortcut into a directory with SC2 maps, double-click it, and the tool will analyze all the maps in the directory.


-h Display help.

-p Prevent the terminal from holding open after analysis. If you are not using sc2mapanalyzer at the command-line, it is useful to leave out this option so the terminal will hold open and you can read the messages and warnings.

-r Recursively search for maps in any directory arguments.

-m Set the openness render max, default is 15.0 (in map cells).

-g -c -a Set ground/cliff-walk/air influence weights, should add up to 1.

-d Set the openness neighborhood radius, default is 12.0 (in map cells).

-t Render PNG of terrain only.

-n Render PNGs of pathing data.

-b Render PNG of bases.

-o Render PNG of openness.

-s Render PNGs of shortest paths.

-i Render PNGs of influence calculations.

-v Write a CSV summarizing all maps.

-w Write a CSV for each map's details.

-e Enable all outputs described above.

Default Options

If no output options are specified the default outputs are: bases, openness, shortest paths, influence, all CSV's.

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