2.0 Core Issues

Some of the core problems with 2.0 are being discussed on the Bnet forums.

Question: Player-based "core" issues, in no certain order:

1. Are chat channels predicted to be coming sooner than later?
1.5. Will we have private channels much like the 1 structure, even without the presence of public default channels?

2. Is LAN play restricted solely to tournaments, given the information provided about "Premium" edition?
2.5. Will LAN see a future in retail versions of SC2?

3a. Will identifiers return?
3a.5. Will there be a search structure to find friends if they do?
3b. Will the final naming system allow for non-unique names?
3b.5. If names are unique, will we be allowed more characters/numerals/symbols?

Answer: There will definitely be "chat channels" coming in one of the patches after the release. The system will be based around groups, where you will be able to join public channels that are based around your interests, which can be virtually anything. Also the system will include private chat channels (in plans for release in the first few months after the release), where you will be able to meet with your friends. (Editors Note: Doesn't this contradict everything else that has been said? Blizzard is just yanking our chains now.)

As for identifiers they are returning for the second phase of the beta. The previous system did not work as intended to some degree and based on feedback received the developers decided to implement a variation of this, which is going to attach character codes. These will be three digit numbers added to your nickname and they will be seen in the UI screens. Thanks to this you will be able to add friends manually, just like previously with identifiers. On top of that you can still add friends using all other methods (using the score screen or RealID).

I'll pause with that.

Question: The post is much appreciated. Can you provide an additional piece of info on the 3-digit identifiers: is the identifier number selected by the player, or automatically assigned? i.e. I'm the first to create the name CheezDip so I am CheezDip.001?

Answer: The number will be automatically generated. Please keep in mind that you won't be able to see this code everywhere, but only on certain screens. (i.e. it won't get in the way and it won't ruin the "look" of your nickname, don't worry! ) (Editors Note: Identifiers were far better. Now we cant even choose the surname? Awesome, not.)

Answer in regards to TeamLiquids petition to name themselves Esports.

Well, I'll be honest: I can't actually see the usefulness of such initiative and I don't see how it even fits this discussion.

These people are naming themselves "ESPORTS" to protest against:

- Lack of Chat Channels
... and we just announced that Chat Channels are going to be in the game a few months after release.

- No Cross-region play
... and we just announced that cross-region play is definitely in our plans.

- No Unique ID
... And we just announced that every combination of nickname + 3 digit code will be unique and you will be able to add friends by using this combination.

- You need to give out your email address
... Which is not the case anymore, as adding Nickname.007 will be enough.

I can understand the reasons behind such initiative, but I don't think that they chose the best method to explain their concerns, they will just end up sharing the same nickname with a different 3 digit code.
I don't see how this will contribute to voice their concerns, let alone solve them.

We listen to the community, we don't listen to... flocks of nicknames. We need useful feedback, opinions, suggestions, concerns, questions and so on, ending up with hundreds of people sharing part of their identifier (aka only the nickname part) is not going to help at all. You all are more than welcome to post in these forums and share your concerns, I believe that we just addressed the main concerns that were brought up on these boards and we would like your feedback based on what we disclosed today.

This is the only way we're going to make 2.0 better.

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