StarCrack ALLin1 v9.7.7 Download

Beta phase1 is OVER but you can still play the game with this launcher!! If you need to reinstall and the game doesnt automatically patch plz visit this great link and after READING carefully do the patches your self manually

StarCrack ALLin1 9.4 Beta Download

Click here to download.

Important Reminders:
  • Read first the new Starcrack Allin1 Installation Guide.
  • If you have downloaded the setup but there is no Icon and no Extension,
    example: SC2ALLin1_setup940beta.exe
  • You must completely uninstall the previous launcher before installing the update!
    Simply locate the launcher folder and delete it!
  • After running the setup, if Windows ask you if this program was installed correctly, select the YES option!
  • For Better results and SC2 stability, it is highly recommended that you update to Latest StarCraft 2 Beta PATCH, and delete the previous cache files, so as to avoid possible crashes to the desktop.

What is ALLin1 tool?

It is an automated legit launcher tool that makes it possible for you to play the SC2 beta offline, without cd-keys etc, load skirmish battles, and watch replays.
It doesn't mess with the original SC2 game and will allow you to play WAN (if you are in the beta), and also download updates normally!
The launcher has a user friendly interface with no need to copy and paste files around. Simply install the SC2 beta and then the launcher and you are ready to play!


Version 9.6.6
  • Introduce a brand new ALLin1 Official Map Package! In every new major version release there will be a new Bonus Melee map for you of high design quality.
    In this version the 1st bonus map: Episode I - Shelak Xel'Naga Vortex.(special tnx to Charlemagne)
    New Bonus Maps can be installed by clicking the "Bonus Maps" button in the "Maps" tab.
  • Enemies cannot spawn in the same start location by default, even you select otherwise. Only Allies!
  • In Observer mode no longer color, race, location etc are visible.
  • Fix a bug where a no maps where added from the tool if the selected folder had only 1 map.
  • Remove replay parser until the new version is finally completed. Latest replays same with latest game version will launch normally, just the info will not be available from then tool.
  • Remove the "play replay button" now the main Launch button will be enabled and launch a replay if you are in the replays tab, or simple by double clicking a replay from the tree list.
  • Change "?" about icon with new one to match the new FAQ & Support icon.
  • Add ability to load your own Custom HotKeys files in All 13 localizations of Starcraft 2 beta (your shortcut files (*.txt) must be placed in the tool's \hk\ folder)
  • New Auto-Repair UMS system: When you select "Use Map Settings" Game type, to play a custom scenario map, the Launcher will automatically detect and try to repair any in-game /string/value/00000 Errors caused by localization that the map has! Map creators no need to manually modify their maps!(enUS/enGB will always have priority of been displayed if exist over other languages in a map, because English is our universal language in the world.)(for 1 vote would have been Greek thought :( )
  • Add new FAQ-Install Button on the low left corner that will open for you our FAQ and installation tips Section if you have issues or questions that are already answered!
  • Fix a bug when a map had Start-location ID between 1 and 9 that was causing wrong race selection and wrong start location or other loading failures!
  • Increase Supported IDs for map start locations between 1 and 65535, from 10 and 9999 that was before.
  • Improve message when there is no maps at all detected in users default location.
  • Add new Tab "Options" that will include teh Cheat mode, and other Tool functions and rename the "Game Options" to "Game Settings", and other minor U.I changes to match the new options.
  • Improve the message when a user was adding maps by pressing the tool's "Add Maps from Folder" button, to give him at the end a report of what kind of maps and how many was added!
  • Update internal MPQ library.
  • Add support of reading map information in enGB localization not only in enUS.
  • Fix a bug when switching from the replays tab to game settings or maps the launch button was remaining disabled!
  • Add new option that allow you to create an online game using the selected AI and Difficulty level in with your Beta Friends.(warning all users must use the exact same Launcher version and AI settings before joining or creating the game)(special tnx to Corosus)
  • U.I Changes when the " AI" check-box is selected to prevent users from setting up the game in launcher and allow only difficulty options to be set.
  • Other minor U.I changes to some labels.
  • Tool's main StarCraft 2 logo now supports click & drag for easier tool movement.
  • Decrease font size in map list and in map description to support longer file names.
  • Improve Font DPI scaling to avoid as possible the U.I distortions. Still will work ok only in 100% DPI.
  • Fix a bug that caused game loading to fail, if a player had "Random" as starting location.
  • Fix a bug where a some map were not loading after selecting Start Location with ID less than 255.
  • Fix a bug where decals was causing races to be different in game from what was selected.
  • Improve Mini-map locations to support better big mini-maps for 256x256 size maps.
  • Improve Map Description to support URL for (if the description starts with "" the text will become active link and open your browser to the creator's map page!)
  • Add new button at Replays tab, to "Delete cache" folders easier from your system.
  • Code preparations for custom HotKeys support.
  • Code preparations for StarCrack AI difficulty Editor.
  • Update Credits.
  • Fix a bug when selecting Team VS Team gametype and set close one player slot it still had its Team Box visible.
  • Add Messege when a player uses Resource Cheating to inform all other players, for prevent players to cheat later on-line.
  • Small U.I changes on how the player slots appear when its set to "Closed". No more empty black background.
  • Fix a bug when sellecting game type "Use Map Settings", previous start locations was visible to the mini-map.
  • Update Difficulty levels Hard & Insane after many requests (now hard is the best AI without cheating)

    1 hard
     2 -----
     3 const int zerg_open = -1;
     4 const int terran_open = -1;
     5 const int protoss_open = -1;
     6 const int c_difficulty = 0;
     7 const int c_mineralBonus = 0;
     8 const string c_maphack = "false";
     9 const int c_scared = 0;
    10 const int c_retreat = 0;
    12 insane
    13 -------
    14 const int zerg_open = -1;
    15 const int terran_open = -1;
    16 const int protoss_open = -1;
    17 const int c_difficulty = 0;
    18 const int c_mineralBonus = 2;
    19 const string c_maphack = "true";
    20 const int c_scared = 0;
    21 const int c_retreat = 0;
  • Add a new check on Launcher's startup for the Windows Font DPI Settings. If is different than the default 100% the tool will give a warning.
  • Add a new check on Launcher's startup for the existance of the required font Verdana. If missing the tool will give a warning and will not start.
  • Add Color Black to the available colors, after lots of requests.
  • Fix a bug where maps with start location IDs greater than 255 was crashing the application or giving wrong ingame positions.
  • Add new uniqe default Decals for all races automaticaly by the tool.(in next major release v10.x users would be able to select more decals).
    This will fix the Blizzard bug where Zerg or Protoss was using the Terran Decals.
    For Terran Default Decal will be:
    For Zerg Default Decal will be:
    For Protoss Default Decal will be:
    If the Race is set to Random, the wrong decals bug may appear again until Blizzard fix it permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q:Is this launcher legit?
A:Yes, it is.
Q:Will the Launcher still work after 31-5-2010 (Beta phase 1 End)?
A:Yes, it will.
Q:I have a beta key but I also want to play offline with this launcher, can I do that?
A:Yes,the launcher does not modify any game files and it will not interfere with Blizzard.
Q:My replays wont work, why?
A:Make sure you have the latest cache(these must be cache files of the latest patch, so do not expect the if you go and download cache files that say are for patch 11 and there are no other newer ones, that your replays must work, you have to wait until cache files for the latest game patch are released and also from what I tested cache files from always worked to play replays so if you get your cache files of the latest patch from someone else, there is a chance they will not work) files and that you are playing a replay of a game made in the latest game patch and you have the latest game patch installed.
Q:I got a problem with the AI, what should I do?
A:The AI and launcher are 2 different things that are simply working togheter.For AI problems post here:AI
Q:The launcher wont start ,what should I do?
A:Make sure you have .NET 3.5 SP1 , and the verdana font
Q:Launcher will not launch the game, what should I do?
A:Make sure the launcher or game is not blocked by the antivirus or firewall, and if you are a Vista or Win7 user run the launcher as administrator or turn off UAC
Q:I want to make my own dificulty level, how can I do that?
A:You can manualy do it(which might screw your game if you have no idea what you are doing) or just wait until the launcher will have the AI editor
Q:I've got a problem but the FAQ didn't help, what should I do?
A:Try to do a clean instal following Charlemagne installation guide
Q:I have downloaded the file but it has no extension, what should I do?
A:Just add the extension ".exe" without the quotes in the file name. (e.g. mysetupfile.exe)
Q:Starcraft II patched to a new version what should I do?
A:Check for any new updates of the launcher, if there are any download them, delete the one you previously had, and install this new one, also check for cache updates and if there are any delete your current cache and place the new.
Q:When I run the launcher the User Interface seems "off place" (borders, buttons, etc.) what is wrong?
(e.g. "Off place" UI)
A:You have set your Windows Font DPI settings over or under 100%. The launcher works only with fonts set at 100% DPI!

Q:Can I play the game with this launcher without an internet conection?
A:Yes, you can.
Q:Can I play custom maps?
A:Yes you can as long as they don't have triggers (besides the default) and are made like the blizzard maps.So if you want to make your own map to launch it with this launcher, first load in the editor an official map and study it.For any other maps you want to try out load it in the map editor and press the "Test Document" button.
Q:I get an error msg "file not found" every time i try to launch a game why?
A:Your Antivirus / Firewall / UAC / or Windows Rights are preventing the tool for running correctly and create the files needed! Even worst those file may be deleted automatically or blocked by your AV software! Turn them all OFF and reinstall the launcher and run it as Administrator!
Q:I am pressing the Launch button but nothing happens! No error, nothing, the game just doesn't start up! Why?
A:Possible the game is "stuck" running in your memory! Press ctrl+alt+del open Task-Manager locate "sc2.exe" process, and END TASK it, or just restart your computer.
Q:I downloaded some map files but i don't know where to place them. What should I do?
-For Win XP users: place them in C:\Documents and Settings\*YourUserName*\My Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Maps\
-For Vista and Win7 users: C:\Users\*YourUserName*\Documents\StarCraft II Beta\Maps\
-OR simply use from the Launcher's Map Tab, the button "Add maps from folder...

Extra notes
Before posting a question that might have been already answered read a bit, waste a few hours trying to solve it yourself and only than post your problem when you realy can't figure why.Solving it on your own is way more fun and educational than simply getting your answer on a silver plate.

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Anonymous said...

I've tried all the steps you've given and I still just get a black screen when I start the SC2ALLin1. I have a cursor but the screen is black help please...

Anonymous said...

Same here my screen also goes black with only the cursor shown.