Starcraft 2 Unused Hidden Terrain Textures

Starcraft 2 Unused Hidden Terrain Textures - 11 hidden, unused terrain textures found while digging through the files.

Most of them are rehashed versions of already known textures, but some (Meinhoff Grating or Port Zion Tiles) seem to be unique.

The attached SC2Map file has all the textures arranged into two tilesets. Simply ctrl+c/ctrl+v them into your maps/mods.

  • Meinhoff Concrete
  • Meinhoff Craters
  • Meinhoff Grating
  • Meinhoff Panels
  • Meinhoff Rough Sand
  • Meinhoff Sand Dunes
  • Meinhoff White Sand
  • Aiur Grunge
  • Port Zion Tiles
  • Tyrador Big Bricks
  • Tyrador Bricks

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