SC2 Localizer

SC2 Localizer - It's the original localization to take the data from and use for the other localizations. There's no single localization, it will add any missing ones/change existing ones to primary one. Well, it's intended to throw an error if you've already opened the map with MPQEditor/GE (crashing atm) having used a try & catch there.

SC2 Localizer

SC2 Localizer

Terms Of Usage
I will NOT take the responsibility if your project got completly messed up. So make sure you use backup.

Currently, ".Net 3.5" is required, and Windows OS. (compiled on Win7 64-Bit)

  • Easy 2 click localization. (Browse, Localization)
  • Compression
  • Backuping (, the backup is actually the file #ORIGINALNAME#-Year-Month-Day-#HexTime# ) Primary Localization - Option to set original localization (Which localization will be the one mirrored to all others)

Upcoming Features
  • Code optimization & Bug fixing

If you changed text, in your map - you have to "relocalize" your map as GE does not change the values of all available locales, so simply use the programm another time :), to write from your primary-locale to the others again.

* added new locales to options, and made it dynamic ... forgot to change :o

* added new locales (japanese, english chinese? and english tawainese?)
* now using the newest mpqeditor beta

* added a fixed version of "MPQEditor.exe" (thanks to ladik) please don't use it as normal MPQEditor as he said it may show some weird msgs, but console should work fine, and bug with "Not localizing" is fixed.

* added a debug msg (instead of Failed there's now a number shown - please report it.)

* redone some code, might fix the localization fail (it worked for me fine, after I 'bugged' it succesfully)
* reverted to .net3

* hopefully fixed an issue where Localizer freezed on WinXP systems
* changed some error msgs

* added options frame, to change primary localization (Auto will take first of SC2Components)
* added some error-catches
* fixed an issue where Localizer freezed
* improved Localization algorithm
* SC2Components can be changed - it does not matter anymore - missing locales will be added

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