Starcraft 2 Beta Phase 1

The first phase of beta will be concluding at 11:00 PM PDT tonight, June 7. At that time no further logins will be possible, and anyone already in a game will have a short time before being automatically logged off. Thank you once again for helping test StarCraft II! More information will be given on the official website and forums as we near beta phase two.

Please also keep in mind that these forums will remain live during the downtime and that your behavior will impact your ability to continue posting now, into phase two, and the future.

Save your favourite games as videos, because the folders will be wiped out and the replays won't be backwards compatible.

When the second phase of beta begins shortly before the release of the game it will include a new patch. This patch will be removing all previous version folders. Any replays created during the first phase of the beta will no longer be viewable once the next phase begins.

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