StarCraft 2 Guide - Tournament Idea

Now before my computer was corrupted by a Virus I came up with an idea of a tournament you can do yourself or with with a friend, it's verses AI and Recommend it in Custom games, now

it consists of 22 games were they gradually increment in difficulty as well their is a story melded into it as I will explain the guide lines and verses so I appreciate if you'd hear

me out, I"ll explain this as if it was 1 Player but a 2nd player could take the place of you AI Partner, make sure they use the same Race the AI was chosen.

Ok, the first guideline is once you pick your race you must stick with it throughout the Tournament so no changing, this also applies to your AI partner/allies & Rival as the first

round can illustrate, your first match will be a 2 vs 1, you/AI partner verses what will be your rival as practically humiliate him and thus sparking the Rivalry, Scenario 4 player

map, You, AI Partner (Easy AI) vs your Rival (Very Easy AI) very simple you're suppose to win.

Once you crush your opponent you then enter the tournament which brings me to the second guideline, you must follow through in sequential order, no skipping a round for you

convenience, their are 5 Stages that consist of 3 Rounds each, followed by an Interim round between each Stage, now since this is Stage 1 it's meant to be Easy so I'll explain what

you can do, everyone must be 100% Handicap, No Exceptions, you can choose any map that fits the game type in this case stage 1 is only 2 vs 2 so chose a map that's for 4 players

only, if you happen to lose a match just simply play it again, same rules, different map or the same if you want to replay, I recommend using Random Race for you opponents for the

Tournament rounds,

Round 1 - You, AI Partner (Easy) vs 2 Very Easy AI
Round 2 - Your Team vs 1 Easy + 1 Very Easy AI
Round 3 - Your Team vs 2 Easy AI

Now that wasn't so hard now was it? once you've completed Stage 1 the story goes as follows as you must seek a third team member to enter Stage 2 as you coincidentally meet your

Rival victimizing a weaker player so you and your Partner step in, this Scenario comprise of a 3 vs 1 which has to be on a 6 player map, Your Rival is currently a Medium grade AI

while the Victim is Easy, in this match you team up with the Easy Comp to conquer this injustice, this is the only time a handicap is changed, your new found friend needs to be set

to 50% to simulate his condition for the match as you and your AI Partner protect, once defeating your rival you gain a third teammate, Your Rival realizes that he stood no chance in

defeating you so he goes off to become stronger and starts recruiting potential team members,

Congratulations you now have your third team member and your AI Partner Levels up to a Medium AI as we enter Stage 2 that is comprised of 3 vs 3 matches, Now I'll simply give you the

Match up for Stage 2, don't forget to play on a 6 player maps -

Round 1 - You, AI Partner (Medium AI) 3rd (Easy AI) vs 2 Easy AI
Round 2 - Team vs 1 Hard + 2 Very Easy AI
Round 3 - Team vs 3 Medium AI

Once you've completed Stage 2 you receive a formal Challenge to a 2 vs 2 as your Rival found an Ally which is rather simple, to test him, in this match you Verse your Rival (Hard AI)

& Ally (Easy) Take note of his Race as you and Your AI Partner (Medium) accept, after defeating them your Rival blames the Failure and Incompetence on to his now Ex Partner and

abandons him as he sets off to improve once more, you however bring him in to your team as the Final member as you proceed to Stage 3, (Aint it sweet? ^.-.^)

Congratulations as your 3rd Member Levels to a Medium AI, Now Stage 3 & 4 are going to go as followed, Round 1 is 2 vs 2, Round 2 is 3 vs 3 and Round 3 is 4 vs 4, now for the match

up of Stage 3 -

Round 1 - You/Partner (Med) vs 1 Hard + 1 Medium AI
Round 2 - You/Partner/3rd (Med) vs 2 Hard + 1 Easy
Round 3 - You/Partner/3rd (Med) + 4th (Easy) vs 1 Hard/Medium/Easy/Very Easy AI

Congratulations your AI Partner levels up to a Hard AI, the interim round is were you get challenged by your Rival to a 2 vs 1 match as he grows confident in his Abilities since

he's a Very Hard AI, this is Simple enough defeat him and he flees to seek someone worthy to be his Partner, Now onward to Stage 4 as it may get difficult for you now.

Stage 1 - You/Partner (Hard) vs 1 Very Hard + 1 Medium AI
Stage 2 - You/Partner (Hard) + 3rd (Med) vs 3 Hard
Stage 3 - You/Partner (Hard) 3rd (Med) 4th (Easy) vs 2 Very Hard + 2 Medium AI

Once you manage to grind through Stage 4 you get challenged once again by your Rival but this time he brings a like minded Team mate as they verse you to a 2 vs 2 - You/Partner

(Hard) vs 2 Very Hard AI both use the same Race if you're curious, once defeated your Rival is driven to Insanity as he storms off to create a team, Stage 5, this will be Hard as

it's meant to be, due to the difficulty of your opposition a team mate will Level up after each match so bare with me as I break this down, Stage 5 consists of all being 4 vs 4

matches so prepare yourself.

Stage 1 - You/Partner (Hard) 3rd/4th (Med) vs 1 Insane/Very Hard/Hard/Very Easy
Stage 2 - You/Partner/3rd (Hard) 4th (Med) vs 2 Insane + 2 Easy
Stage 3 - Your Team (Hard) vs 4 Very Hard AI

Congratulations you've become a Champion of the Tournament but it aint over, your Rival comes back to Challenge you one last time in a Grand Championship match consisting of 2 parts,

first part is your Rival (Insane) vs you/Partner (Very Hard), once you managed this the 2nd part is a 4 vs 4, You/Partner (Very Hard) Allies (Hard) vs Rival/Partner (Insane) Allies

(Very Hard, Recommend Random Race) Once the Climax has reached and the dust settles you're Crowned Grand Champion as your Rival earns your Respect and becomes your Friend, you

celebrate with your team and company, The End.

I hope this is worth your time and enjoyed it as much as I was eager to thought and play once I got my computer back, if it means anything I'll throw in some Personal Goals of

Complete Stage 1 - Iron Award
Complete Stage 2 - Bronze Award
Complete Stage 3 - Silver Award
Complete Stage 4 - Gold Award
Complete Stage 5 - Platinum Award
Complete The Tournament - Diamond Award.

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