Protoss Guide for Beginner and intermediate

Hello everyone, I have notice a lot of the newer players finding some difficulty in their match ups and engagements when it comes to playing in the multiplayer match up or even facing a computer AI. I'm not a top top player but i have my fair share of beta and starcraft 2 knowledge. I only play Protoss in 1v1s so it may or may not apply to you. I would be regularly updating this thrend so please check back for updates.

Before going into the units and builds essential element of all match up


After understanding basic knowledge of the building and units the very essential of playing matchup is scouting, there are a lot of players that don’t scout early and end up costing them the game. The essence of scouting is to find out where your opponent is and what they are doing. While it easy just to send a worker to your enemies base and bring it back to mining understanding and interrupting that information is vital army composition and the strategic game play that you will employ.

Scouting buildings and units, not only you need to understand what kind of tech pathway of your own race you need to understand the tech pathways of the other races as well. Scouting and seeing what kind of structures are there is important to understanding the timing and the unit composition that the enemy has. If a player doesn’t scout the player can expect a higher possibility of different units such as a heavy ground army for a fast air army. This probability can be slowly narrowed down as you begin to interpret the builds that your opponent would be doing. Basic things and field information can give you that incremental tactical advantage to win you the game. In addition it is important to keep your scouting worker alive as long as possible in their base. It would give u more information to follow up your opponents build and prevent them from building anything revealing til the scout is gone. Also understand the timing of when to send your scout. If you send it in to early you woulds lose vital mining time that can sum up. If you scout to late i could run to defenses or a blocked entrance to prevent your scout (most common in a PvT)

For example - PvP scenario
when you entered your enemy’s base and found out the cyber core is right after the gateway but only could find one pylon. The first thing to come to mind is by this time there should be a 2nd pylon where it is. So the first thing should come to your mind is that its either hidden around the base or proxy somewhere on the map. In addition you find out that there is 2 gas been mined already the 2nd thing should come to your head would be what kind of units would require large amount of gas this early. Immortals, colossus, void ray, phoenix, High templar, Dark Templar, Blink stalkers, sentries. At this point the longer the scouting worker stays in the base the more information and deduce what’s to come. Your opponent then builds a stargate. So you can confidently presume that they are going early void ray or phoenix. You can assume that since they build a stargate their ground army would be at a minimal because they will invest heavily into air units so the correct way to reaction to this is to build stalkers and sentries. Sentries guardian shield would reduce the damage by 2 and can atk air. And stalkers have high mobility and can atk air.

Xel'Naga Watch Tower these are your best friends in revealing the map they snow a large radius of the map. In some particular maps the Xel'Naga Watch Tower is in direct path between your base and your opponents. Keeping these actives can allow you to see when your opponents army is moving across the map towards your base or sending an worker to build an proxy production building such as a gate way barracks etc.

A few things you can do to keep in check with your scout. Create way points by holding 'Shift' key and clicking the points to assign where it would go. Assigning Hotkeys to the scouting worker to allow quick check to the worker without resorting trying to find it.


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