Starcarft 2 Guide - Zero Hour Guide

At start, salvage that 2 bunkers at the bridge, you're going to hold your defense at the your base ramp

Spam m&m, I went 4 barracks, 2 with reactor, don't need to build any bunker / turret.

At 11-10 minutes mark, gather all your troops push through the left exit and go all the way up straight to the top, you'll find 2 hatchery there, kill it, then retreat your troops back to your base, I did it with about 50 m&m, but I didn't make it out alive all the way back to my base.

At 3 minutes mark, gather all your troops again, and push through the extact same location, they should rebuild the hatchery already, kill it, done, even if you fail the mission, you still get the achievement, you can float your CC and fly away and win like a coward.

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