Diamond Zerg, Build Order YOU MUST KNOW

ok so basically i played around with the inbase hatch late expo and found that it was working amazing, however something was missing. It allowed fast saturation of the main and high unit production.

I believe MadFrog has found the build we have been praying for and im going to share this with everyone


9 ovy
grab a drone to scout before the 10th drone finishes
14 hatch (IN BASE)
14 pool
14 extractor


around the time u drop ur hatch your drone is in their base
vs terran if u see gas b4 rax its most likely a 1-1-1 or fast reapers
otherwise just hang around in the base long enuff to see whats going on but dont get this drone trapped

thanks to 1.1 toss RARELY go for 2 gate pushes however even pre1.1 when u see 2 gates the 2 queens that start immedietly after the pool pops along with some lings easily fend this off.


3 drones onto gas as soon as it finishes then get metabolic boost, once u have the 100gas put them all back on minerals
17 Hatch (this should be made within second of your overlord finishing, and is made with the drone who went out to scout originally)

From here your in great position
Dont feel rushed to get queens i usually grab 4 lings (2eggs) keep them between me and my opponent also grabbing any xel naga towers so if they come 4 an attack i can prepare)

this build easily allows you to saturate both your main and natural while having the ability to quickly produce mass lings.

i Generally use my first 2 rounds of queen energy on creep tumors to start a healthy spread.

DONT FEEL RUSHED TO GET A LAIR, the only reason you need this would be cloaked banshees, mass speedling with 3-5 queens easily hold toss pushes / hellion harass / marine tank crap

once you feel nicely saturated you can transition into whatevr you want, hydra roach, mutaling,

ill start posting some replays soon as i have not lost any of my last 6 games (3 against favored opponents) using this strategy

OK SO APPARENTLY I HAVENT SAVED GAMES OF THIS SO ILL HAVE TO PLAY SOME lol.. for now i have this 1 of it beating a 4gate

ALSO for anyone asking y the 2nd hatch gets put inbase... its because if reapers come you can delay the expo, if 2gate pressure comes its much easier to defend ur base without a ramp that zealots can block. bunker rushes wont happen typically inside your base, mostly at the natural, the main point in all of these situations is initally its much easier to defend an inbase hatch than 1 placed at ur natural

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Anonymous said...

do u build the inbase hatch right by main hatch? or do u try hiding it?

i realize hiding a hatch (espeically w/ creep spread) isnt exactly easy but was worth asking