Starcraft 2 Maphack 10.a Download

Cranix has released his Starcraft 2 Maphack version 10.a. As seems to be the case with most RTS games, a stream of maphacks has started to be developed. While we don’t support hacking, we believe SC2 users should know and understand what is out there. As always, use of any hack on will deservedly get you banned.

Release notes:
  • Press ~ To view the entire map
  • Press * To view the entire map, Dark version & can see all tech info + clickable units.
  • After viewing entire map, select the player number you are on the numkeypad to go back to your view
  • All view player keys located on numkeypad
  • While viewing each player’s field of view you can see their minerals, gas and supply
    Press 1 to view player 1
    Press 2 to view player 2
    Press 3 to view player 3
    Press 4 to view player 4
    Press 5 to view player 5
    Press 6 to view player 6
    Press 7 to view player 7
    Press 8 to view player 8

It works great for me on bnet ladder games, is it not supposed to or something? Ive done a few games now and its fine. I hit * to see where there at, then 1 or 2 to go back to my screen. Or I can hit 1 or 2 to see there mins/gas/food etc. The only thing that would make this hack any better would be when you hit * it reveals the whole map IN fog of war like it does now, however reveals the fog of war on the players in the game.

So for example, I am player 1 and am fighting player 2. I hit * key and it toggles on the dark vision map hack, however it takes away the fog of war around both player 1 and 2. This is helpful because with just hitting 1 button, I am able to see where he is as well as what he can see, it would allow the person useing the maphack to be able to move around right outside of the other players sight, where their fog of war is at.

Thats really the only thing I would add to this hack, its already great as it is. Actually, I guess the ability to automatically detect which player you are, so you can just keep hitting the * key to toggle it on and off, instead of * then 1, 2, 3 etc. But that would only be for the convenience of hitting 1 key instead of 2 lol.

I think this mh is great, you did an insane job and actually keep it updated as soon as a patch is released. Great job!!!

Download link:
Starcraft 2 Maphack 10.a

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