Starcraft 2 Beta Key Promo

Here are some easy steps on how to acquire your own Starcraft 2 Beta Key. StarCraft 2 Beta Keys are codes which enable gamers to participate in the StarCraft 2 Beta.

A code was provided to each attendant of BlizzCon 2008. This code was not a beta key in itself, but will guarantee the holder will receive a StarCraft II beta key by email if they register it at

Starcraft 2 Beta Installer

Follow this link for StarCraft 2 Beta Key Giveaway.

A code was provided to attendants of WWI 2008 as well. If the code was not used previously, it can be used to access the European phase of the StarCraft II beta.

Blizzard traditionally offers 40,000 beta keys, but expectations for StarCraft II may be larger.

Beta keys will be available in several regions, and some opportunities will be revealed "soon" (as of February 3rd, 2009).

When StarCraft II's beta starts, beta key holders will be able to enter their keys using their new accounts.


One such opportunity can be found in the Vespene Laughs contest. Another is the theme park contest. One is the 2009 Frozen Throne contest, in which the top 20 players will win beta keys.

Blizzard Entertainment offered 500 beta keys through twitter.

DreamHack contestants who won the "HotStreak" contest got beta keys. The HotStreak contest consisted of 1 vs 1 matches. People who won three games in a row got prizes.

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