StarCraft 2 Technical Aspects

Will be overhauled? Will there be new features?

There will be some exciting new changes and features to that will help us ensure that StarCraft II will be the ultimate competitive online real-time strategy game. Some of the areas we're looking into include features that support online tournaments, eSports, and enhanced communication between players. We're not quite ready to go into further detail about at this time, but we look forward to doing so in the future.

Will we still be able to play the original StarCraft on after StarCraft II is released?

Yes, you will.

What steps are being taken to prevent cheating in multiplayer games?

We don't want to tip our hand to the people who may try to cheat on, so we can't go into too much detail, but rest assured that security is one of our top priorities as we redesign and overhaul, and we will take every precaution to ensure fairness in our online games. We've taken an aggressive stance against cheating in all of our games, and our players have overwhelmingly supported us in that, so we don't have any intention to make any changes in that regard.

Will there be a closed or open beta? How about a trial or demo version?

StarCraft II will have a beta test period in the future. However, it's still too early to determine the exact nature and timing of the beta. We also haven't decided yet whether there will be any trial or demo versions, but we'll be happy to share the news once final decisions have been made.

What are the system requirements for StarCraft II?

We'll have more details on specific system requirements closer to the release date.

Will StarCraft II include a map editor?

Yes, it will. We'll have more details on the features of the StarCraft II map editor at a later date.

Will there be a console version of StarCraft II?

StarCraft II is being developed for Windows and Mac. We have no current plans to bring the game to any console platform.

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