StarCrack ALLin1 Installation Guide


Starcraft 2 beta: Patch 11.
StarCrack ALLin1: Patch 11 compatible.
Cache: Patch 11.
StarCrack AI: NOT YET Patch 11 compatible.

StarCrack ALLin1 MANUAL

version 1.005
THURSDAY 13.05.2010

The following are step by step instructions, written in plain English, to help you play test Starcraft 2 beta.


StarCrack ALLin1 - this is the software that you run to play test Starcraft 2 beta. It is also known as the "launcher" of Starcraft 2 beta and is programmed and maintained by lead engineer vernam7.

Patches - these are updates to Starcraft 2 beta by the developer Blizzard. The patches download and install automatically when running Starcraft 2 beta. At the time of writing there are 11 patches which are about 613MB in size. Patch 9 contained the map editor and that was about 429MB.

Cache - this is a set of downloaded files that enable you to watch replays. The location of the cache varies somewhat depending on your operating system.

Installation Procedure

1. Download Starcraft 2 beta.

2. Install Starcraft 2 beta.

3. Run Starcraft 2 beta to automatically install the patches (this can take over an hour).

4. Download the latest copy of StarCrack ALLin1.

5. Turn off your anti-virus software when installing StarCrack ALLin1.

6. Install StarCrack ALLin1 as "administrator".

7. Cache - see the section "Cache Download and Installation" below.

Updating StarCrack ALLin1

Delete the folder, eg C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II Beta\SC2ALLin1, and then install the new version.

Cache Download and Installation

On Windows 7 and Vista the cache folder is located at:
C:\Users\your usename\AppData\Local\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache

On Windows XP the cache folder is located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Local Settings\Application Data\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache

Download the latest cache from the following url:

Place the cache files in the cache folder as stated above.

When updating the cache from a previous version, delete the old cache first.

Starcraft 2 beta maps

Maps only work if correctly created. We do not assist with map editing or map problems. Download maps from here:

Official Patch 10 maps

Miscellaneous maps

StarCrack ALLin1 is simply a tool created to help you see what an excellent game Starcraft 2 beta is. In effect giving you a demo of what to expect in Starcraft 2 retail.

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what do you mean "install" starcrack, its a compressed file and when you extract it theres no installer, just a bunch of files. Please help, I'm getting very frustrated with empty maps