Play Starcraft 2 Without Beta Key

Heres how you can play Starcraft 2 without beta key.


1) Download and install the Starcraft 2 Beta from Starcraft 2 Beta Client Download.
2) Launch Starcraft 2 Beta and it should update to the latest patch from Blizzard.
Or manually download the patch and install it.
3) Close Starcraft 2 Beta.
4) Download and install StarCrack ALLin1(v6.7.2) from here.
5) Download maps and put them into "maps" folder within your installation directory.

Note: the “other launcher” includes AI so steps 6 and 7 are not completely necessary but recommended as the AI from different forums are updated frequently.

6) Download some AI and create a subfolder in the "AI" folder with the same name as the AI you are downloading.
7) Place ONLY the “Base.SC2Data” file from the AI you downloaded into the folder you just created.

8) Launch “Starcraft II – Beta Launcher.exe
9) Choose your map and difficulty (dont worry about the game version or any of the other options for now).
11) Check for updates to the launchers and AI.


Playing without a key will let you play against computers.
Get ready for some comp stomps (or being stomped by comps).
You’re limited to matches vs 1 to 5 CPU’s depending on the map chosen
Without a beta key, you’ll be prevented from:
-Saving your game
-Playing the Campaign
-Choosing your race (there are ways around this)
-Playing LAN matches


Anonymous said...

where we create the AI subfolder ?

Anonymous said...

create the AI within the `maps` folder

Anonymous said...

Is there a fix for patch 16?