SC2 Region Switcher

This is a batch file (.bat) wrote for easier switching between regions when using one copy of the game, in order to save the space of having multiple copies of the game.

How to use it?

1) Download the base files you want and name them EUBase.SC2Data, USBase.SC2Data and/or AsiaBase.SC2Data, then put them in the same folder as your default base (Mods\Core.SC2Mod\). Do not rename your default base file (Base.SC2Data), just leave it there.

2) Place the batch file in the same folder as the StarCraft II executable, usually C:\Program Files\StarCraft II Beta\.

3) For convenience, right-click on the batch file -> Send to -> Desktop. This way you'll have a shortcut on your desktop for easier access. You can even change it to the StarCraft II icon in properties if you want to.

What does it do?

This script will rename the base files for you, run the game, and once you press any key in the batch window, rename the files back again to default (couldn't get it to do this automatically after SC2 is closed ). This means that you must not close the window manually, but follow the instructions. If you do close before they're renamed back again, you will be noticed by the script next time you run it so you can rename them back manually, so no big deal.

If the batch file has been used correctly (as in not closing the window manually), you should be able to run SC2 the normal way in order to use your default base. You can however simply use the batch file at all times, as just pressing enter instead of choosing a region will run SC2 with your default base.

If you are having any issues, tell me, and I'll try to fix and reupload. It's working perfectly for me at the moment, at least.

Is a friend key sent to a US/EU/Asian account already bound to any server?

No, a beta key can be used to make any kind of account, depending on the account it is applied to.

How do I make sure my account is tied to a specific server, if I am not geographically located there?

If you want It tied to the US, go to, create an account and list your country as united states. type in a random address and find a state and zip number from google or whatever

If you want It tied to Europe, go to, create an account and list your country as any european country (personally, I prefer United Kingdom). type in a random address and find a city and zip number from google or whatever

If you want It tied to Asia, go to, create an account and list your country as Taiwan.

type in a random address and find a city and zip number from google or whatever

The best indicator of whether or not you managed to trick is to log into your account and check the top right

For US accounts it will say English (US) by default
[image loading]

for Europe it will be English (EU)
[image loading]

and for Asia it will be in Korean or Taiwanese
[image loading]

(is that the same as chinese? I never found out, but I think its like traditional chinese)

After you use these signs to assure yourself that you did in fact trick bnet, input the code into that account and enjoy

Im having issues with crashing and such after installing the other Base.SC2data files!

Are you sure you did as was described in the first part of this post? If not try it that way. I know some people with windows 7 installed have issues trying to do this server switch, so im not sure how to help there >_<

Download link:
SC2 Region Switcher


Anonymous said...

where can i download the basefiles?

Nodja said...

Thanks, I needed to know which was the region file.

But there's a much better way to do this.
Use the mklink command, it creates a virtual file that points to another file, this way you can have several copies of one file without using extra space.

Example: You have 2 files

To switch to eu you can use:

del Base.SC2Data
mklink Base.SC2Data EUBase.SC2Data

Instead of all your fancy coding.

This way it will also work as a real switcher. You only need to run the bat file when you need to switch regions, if you run the game without the bat file it will run with the last region you picked.