Win a Starcraft Beta Key

Have you somehow missed getting into the SC2 Beta? Tried enrolling as a Blizzard Beta tester from the Blizzard store? Tried blogging about the Beta? Tried downloading but missed Multiplayer? Too cheap to simply buy a key? Do you want one? You beta get your act together! ;)

Win a Starcraft Beta Key

You can participate in numerous StarCraft II Beta Key contests being run by different fansites! You can choose from a variety of different ones, including tournaments, quizzes, as well as the ones that require you to submit something creative.

Here is the list of the contests that are running right now (please note, that in most cases you will need to have an account on these fansites to participate):

If one is expired, or you know of one we missed please comment here.

Current Contests:

Pandaria Wars (EN)

Pandaria Wars is organizing WarCraft III tournaments for a chance to win beta keys. Sign up, if you feel strong at this particular game!

JudgeHype (FR)

StarCraftWire (EN)

StarCraft Gamona (DE) – NEW!

PlaySC2 (FR) – NEW!
2 contests:

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