SystemCheck Troubleshooting

Have you verified your email address for the account?
To use the SystemCheck application it is required to verify your email address on the account.

Is there a game license attached to the account?
To download the SystemCheck application and opt in for the beta you must have a valid Blizzard license merged to the account. Trial game licenses will not qualify to lift this restriction.

Why is the Beta Opt-in application not downloading on my system?
If you are unable to download the Beta Opt-in application on your system, security software may be preventing you from doing so.  Please make sure your security program is allowing you to download the opt-in application.

Why isn't anything happening when I try to run/start the Beta Opt-in application?
Please make sure you are logged in with an Administrator account for the computer.  If you are running Windows Vista, right click on the Beta Opt-in application and select "Run as Administrator".

Why is the Beta Opt-in application giving me an error message when I try to submit my information?
First, verify that you have a stable internet connection when attempting to access a website. If you are able to access websites, you may have a firewall preventing the information from being sent to us.  Please make sure there are no firewall(s) blocking the opt-in application from sending us your system information. Downloading a fresh copy of the SystemCheck application may be the answer if you are still seeing a failure message after verifying the connection is stable.

Why isn't my secondary hard drive being detected?
Unfortunately, the Beta Opt-in application will not detect a secondary hard drive.

I have tried all of these options but I am still having a problem.
If you are still having trouble downloading or running the application, please contact Technical Support.

Download link:
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