StarCraft 2 Proxy Strategy Guides, Tips, and Tricks

Proxy is a word often used in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty multiplayer strategy discussion, referring to an aggressive strategy in which players build unit-producing structures close to their opponent’s base and away from their own.

There are both risks and rewards to utilizing this strategy, and it’s important to weigh these carefully when considering such an aggressive tactic. Solid positioning can essentially pen in an opponent and starve them of resources. An even more aggressive “proxy rush” could catch your opponent off-guard and cripple them or even be that finishing drive that takes them out of the game. On the opposite end of the spectrum, splitting your focus between protecting your own base and managing your advanced position could be a drain on your own resources or leave you overly exposed before you can make your big push.

For experienced players, a proxy base of operations or proxy rush is often a part of their repertoire; for newer players, mastering either can be a tall order.

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- If you're going to proxy, don't do an "all or nothing" bid in, if you have any skills in management, you will make a base AND manage a proxy at the same time, if the proxy does/doesn't work, you're still good to defend yourself. Your own base is more important than an assault, you can destroy them later.
And to people who quit after their attack plan fails, you're idiots...

- Bunker up. Dealt with proxy marine raxs outside my base this morning. Just bunker up and reaper their base. Cut off their cash flow and they got nothing.

- I find a proxy hilarious. They either make static defenses or lots of small, weak units. I just bypass the proxy, destroy the base, or counter the build, depending on the situation...

- I've never been screwed over by proxy. I've always been screwed over by @@!!-ass team mates who don't do anything except tech up BEFORE they build a unit. My strategy, though, is that while I'm eating their army with mine, I get some air units and go and go for the probes/drones/SCVs. It really screws up the economy of that player and can lead to a quicker win.

- rofl cheesers. I pawn all of them. I always scout around my base and even possibly get that scanning tower. So they can't get anywhere close. Early on in the game, I always look around on my island or outside.

- proxy annoys me too I’m not a real good player but I’d like to play the game a bit more and build units and have a real war not those annoying harassment strategy's

- Scouting is the key

- Zerg vs. Zerg is my favorite!
Not exactly proxy but it's the only game Zerg can do offensive tower!!

- 90% of the time, proxies can be prevented through having one of your workers patrol the "cheese zone" in your base, and having another scout at the enemy's base. If they have nothing but a nexus/command center, they're camped out near you. If, however, they managed to get a proxy going, cancel your gateways/cybernetics core and put 2 cannons down in your own base, while using the scouting probe to cannon up their base. Scout early so that you can choose between a forge and a gateway first, and then on, it's all about the macro.

- Canon proxy is da best

- My strategy is to keep a worker at the entrances and if they come in build a barrics warp room... and attack the fully build structure. This cripples their resources before they spawn units but you have to be quick

- I don't like proxy because this strategy really hurts my game play experience. It's not because it's powerful or it needs you to scout around your base but it stops me from playing a game. I got many wins without any combat actions because my opponents just left the game when you found their proxy. This is really not fun to me even though I got a "free win". In 2v2/3v3 random, it really hurts when your partner leaves the game immediately because their proxy is found and leaving you/partner alone in the game. It's just like a no-combat gambling "game"(BetCraft?!) if we can still call it a "game".

- Proxy is like a disease, early detection is they key... Ha-ha what a great analogy

- Proxy can be really useful when your opponents don't expand

- In my experience protoss proxy the most. I tend to get my first zealot out at around 2:20 so I scout my surrounding base; usually the zealot should be enough to stop any proxy, especially if you have a second warping in straight away. Attack the pylons, shut down the cannons. If you leave it too late, there's no surviving.

Against Terran, provided you have enough forces, you can play chicken with the marines, constantly pushing and retreating to buy you time. If you can get cannon up, they can't make anymore bunkers up near the cannon, and your zealots can fight them with the cannon firing. If they retreat just fall back and wait for them to try and rush the cannon. During this time you would obviously put another 2 or 3 cannons up or get more zealots.

- I tried getting a proxy barrack near Zerg player’s base when he 6 pooled me in 2v2. Some times a good offence is the best defense.

- Actively scouting and killing off those workers who proxy is the best bet

- Playing as terran I don't have too much trouble with proxies - as soon as I scout it I can wall off, and will try and get an early Marauder if playing another terran so I can properly take care of any reaper harass.

- Zerg equiv to a proxy is a 6/7 pool ling rush, or crawler rush if they’re zerg

- I think proxy-ing can be avoided by walling your base early.
If you scout a worker building a unit-producing structure, use other workers or combat units you have to disable it.
Once disabled, you can concentrate on your defense.

- correct me if I’m wrong...but in my opinion the best counter for proxy is...good scouting =)

- Proxy is for people who can’t handle prolonged fighting and use this to win early

- From experience, proxy gives you the advantage to keep pressure on your opponent(s) easily, but it requires good micro. In 1v1 matches as terran, it is usually easier to counter by putting a few tanks in your base and dropping a mobile troop in enemy's base to cripple their resources income. This will either force your opponent to fall back to defend or slow down their constant push at their proxy. This then gives you the advantage to either destroy their proxy or destroy key tech structures in their base.

- In team games, the base defense effort is covered by your teammate. There is no risk at all to proxying.

- If you decide to proxy don’t forget to check for there proxy to, I was in a 3v3 game and got a barracks right next to one of there bases, I only found out to late that 2 of them had proxies in right in mine... gg :'( lol

- a/. Why aren’t those marines in the bunker?
b/. If they are able to get 7 marines and a bunker is that considered to be an effective proxy

- Banelings kill protoss proxy. Fact: P

- A good counter to proxy is to proxy by yourself. Period

- protoss pylon proxy is the most annoying of all

- Yep, proxy warps installed by protoss are annoying, if they get in without being seen, they warp in pylons, cannons etc, then they port troop’s right in.
It’s a killer in 2v2 as it can effectively kill your ally as well as yourself: p

- Best way to beat proxy? Discover it early and crush it.

- Zerg can do a proxy Hatchery and build drones and spine crawlers - I saw this in a high level game but I forget who did such a crazy thing.

If it's against another Zerg you might also count build Spines on your opponent's creep as "proxy".

- 2 gate proxy is the only real killer but that's being nerfed so hey!

I used to do banelings but good opponents can overcome it easily... banelings are just so hit or miss - 5 explode killing all his zealots when he’s not looking, or he makes you waste them all on 1 or 2 and it's game over for you. Roaches are a much better bet.

- I'm not sure about Proxy for zerg. But to handle a proxy, u need magnificent speedling control and u win

- I play only with the Zerg. I wonder how proxy works for Zerg during the early stage of a Multiplayer game. :O

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