StarCraft 2 List of Bugs in Patch 1.0.3

Here is a list of known issues being reported in Patch 1.0.3:

• Mouse buttons cannot be set for Push to Talk.
• Thor CE is not being displayed when the player has the proper flags.
• Campaign Achievement completion stops at 99%.
• The hotkey for Surrender is inconsistent.
• Mac - Pressing the § / tilde key could crash the game client.
• Losing your internet connection while loading a map will not warn you that connection to has been lost.
• Some players cannot play in offline mode.
• Some players are not receiving credit properly for meta-achievements that had criteria completed on multiple computers.
• Issues occur when ordering an SCV to collect more than 1 Terrazine at a time in the mission ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.
• The Hercules dropship cannot be used to rescue Moebius forces in the mission ‘The Moebius Factor’.
• The achievement ‘Three-Way Dominant’ is not properly tracking credit for 3 Zerg.
• The 1366x768 resolution is not available.
• Some players are receiving an error message regarding the game referencing a mod or map dependency that is no longer available.
• Some campaign meta-achievements are not working properly.
• Preferred settings are not available for the NVidia 460GTX card.

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