Strategies for Each of the Starcraft2 Race

Want to Know More & Be Good & Better in Starcraft 2? Continue Reading if :

1. You want to have that ‘EXTRA’ edge in every starcraft 2 game you play. Being victorious and defeating enemies is such a triumphant feeling.
2. Be really familiar with starcraft 2 strategies, units, common terms(like micro & macro), hotkeys, & more.
3. For all who want to play starcraft 2 -> brood war players, starcraft 2 beta players, those who just started with starcraft2.

This game has lots of possibilities, there are many things to look out for. To master and really be good in starcraft2, you need to get your fundamentals right :

1. [beginners]Race Selection. I suggest picking a race to master first, terran is probably the most chosen race for most beginners, but protoss & zerg is also good for newbies. If you’re already an immediate/amateur to pro player, then you somewhat already know and familiar with terran, protoss & zerg.

2. [all players]Hot Keys. Once you know what race you’re gonna use, learn & memorize all the general hotkeys, + all hot keys of that specific race. Using hotkey allows you to be extremely quick and fast, build your buildings quickly, control your army at a much higher pace, and build up your economy efficiently.

3. [beginners to intermediate should practice this]Resource Management. Now here is one basic fact that you should do when you begin playing starcraft 2, and that is managing your resources. Your resources, minerals(crystal) & vaspene are the basic currency, and each of these resources has a different manner of harvesting. The Crystal is the one that is used most, and you can have 2 scv mine each crystal. Vaspene is also important so you can do more upgrades, and create more units, and bigger/most advanced ones. Don’t be idle, and always build up your economy. Do expand, but keep in mind that in start of game, doing expanding too early, or without much defenses may be your downfall. Well, you can easily know when to expand by scouting, knowing what your enemy is building.

4. [intermediate to pro]Always scout & spy at your opponent. “If you know what your opponent is up to, then you already won the game”! Watch out for expansions, if you see them expanding, then send units to prevent them from establishing another base. If he’s on the defensive, depending also on his strategy(if he doesn’t have attacking units for some time), you can expand quickly, and take advantage of early economy boost, or you can do counters to what he is building or planning to do.

5. [intermediate/amateur to pro]Micro & Macro. If you know micro & macro, then take the time to be much more efficient using it. Practice microing while in combat, like concentrating a group with the right numbers to fire on a single unit, then when you’ve killed that unit, move to the next. Or practice kiting.

Most basic method of kiting is using ranged units to fire an enemy within a distance, and then run away, staying out of the enemy’s range(especially for melee units, or those that require to get really close to a unit to do damage). You can move in a circle while kiting. This involves the movement speed of units, or some other ability like the stalkers blink, or cloaking.

Microing & macroing can be the difference between winning in combat/battle. These are 2 of the most important aspects that you will hear a lot in starcraft 2 gameplay, specifically for more advanced players.

6. [intermediate to pro]Map Control. The player that controls the map, controls most aspect of the game. Once established, he can control when he will attack, he has more control in building his army. He can have the better economy. Do not let your enemy gain control of the map. Also be familiar with the terrain, like cliffs where some units like colossus can go through.

7. [all players]Your Race’s Specific Units Capability. Be familiar with your own strengths & advantages, as well as your disadvantages. Light units, armored units, splash damage, well, there are really a lot to consider.

8. [all players]Specific Races Neat Strategies. Be familiar with the specific race strategies. e.g. rush strategies. Below are some strategies for each of the starcraft2 race :

For Terran :

  • Reaper Rush
  • Terran defense by walling
  • Using Mules
  • Void Rays Defense
  • Using MMM

For Protoss :

  • Chrono Boost
  • Protoss defense by walling
  • Colossus dropshipping
  • Void Ray Rush Guide
  • Stalker Smart Blinking

For Zerg :

  • Speedling/Zergling Rush
  • Taking advantage of the Zerg Creep
  • Using Zerg Queen

Now learning all these will really take some time. You will need hours of practice. You will need help to improve your SC2 gaming skills probably because :

1. You want to be a good SC2 player quickly. and beat every opponent. :) We all do…

2. You don’t have the time to learn every detail of Starcraft 2 game. Maybe you’ve got work, or school, or have lots of daily tasks to do.

3. You’re sick & tired of not being able to keep up with your peers or opponents.

4. You will want a regular and continuously updated knowledge of latest & advanced starcraft 2 strategies, secrets, & techniques.

Below are the starcraft 2 strategies guide that we have thoroughly reviewed and now recommend. These are all based on :

  • The author’s profile. Are the creators of the guides really professional, and really good?
  • Does it offer guides for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players?
  • Guides for the threee races, and all the other generic things you should know(micro/macro, hotkeys, map control, etc)
  • Regular updates of the guides by the author.
  • Creators give full support and listens to all members.
  • Detailed videos & pictures of strategies, and step by step instructions.
  • Keeps its members happy & active, hosts starcraft 2 tournaments & such!

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