Starcraft 2 Replays FAQ

Author: nirvAnA

Q: Where are my replays saved?
A: Replays are saved seperately from your Starcraft 2 installation directory. Instead, they can be found under your "My Documents" folder, or just "Documents" for Vista and Windows 7 users.

Example: C:\Users\John\My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\(your account number)\(more specific numbers)\Replays\

Load up the game, access the replay screen on Battle.Net by clicking the replay button.

Q: Where can i download replays and which folder do i put them in?
A: You can download replays from for e.g More sites are listed below. You should download them to the location of your replays, as in the previous example. I would however recommend downloading them to the "multiplayer" folder and creating this multiplayer folder if it does not exist yet. To be specific, download them here C:\Users\John\My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\(your account number)\(more specific numbers)\Replays\Multiplayer\

The replays i've seen on youtube have commentary, how can i make mine like that?

Those replays are actually created by people who take a video capture of their screen while watching the replay, and at the same time they commentate on the game. If you want that, you have to get recording software to make your own commentated replays or you could send them to these popular "shoutcasters" and hope that your game is interesting enough to be commentated on.

Two very popular shoutcasters on youtube are HD and Husky

SEA has our very own up and coming Aussie shoutcaster called Sephyre, who posts in these forums as well, so you could try sending him some replays :)

Q: I forgot to save a replay of a great game i've just played! Is it possible to retrive it?
A: Only if it was within the last twenty games. Lucky for you, a cool feature Starcraft 2 has is automatically saving the last 20 games you have played in the folder "Unsaved" C:\Users\John\My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\(your account number)\(more specific numbers)\Replays\Unsaved\ So you can look in that folder and rename your replay using the "Keep" button in the replay viewer to save it. Do remember that after 20 replays, the previous files start to get deleted so "keep" a replay you want quickly!

Q: Can I watch replays together with friends like Starcraft 1?
A: Unfortunately not at this time.

Q: What is the point of watching replays?
1)To become better. Still stuck in silver? Want to learn the game? What better way then to find out how to play by watching the top players play! Had some trouble vs a certain unbeatable strat/cheese? Post a replay and people might help you out with advice on what you're doing wrong.

2)For entertainment. Some people get tired of playing and spamming 200apm game after game and just wanna chill out and watch replays. Also watching great games you've played bring back good memories, like the time you 1v2ed after your ally dced on you, or how you beat the top player on your ladder in a very close 30 min game. Some people also love watching their favourite players like Thelittleone doing creative and crazy things never seen before. Its like watching your favourite tennis player :)

Q: Are their any programs to manage replays, like looking at APM charts and searching through my replay files for games vs specific players?
A: Yes there are two really good programs for those of you who love charts and replays. They can be found at the bottom of the post below.

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