Starcraft 2 Replay Features

Author: Ztala

Replays are an indispensable tool for real-time strategy gamers. Players can watch and analyze a game post-match to improve their gameplay. With a loss, they can go back, pinpoint their mistakes, and scrutinize what went wrong. With a win, they can look for ways to improve.

“My build order was a bit off.”

“I expanded too late.”

“My macro could have been better.”

“I didn’t utilize my resources well enough.”

Replay Features

In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, we've made watching replays even more helpful by providing more features and information.

These features include:

* Rewinding: Jump backward or forward to any point in the replay.

* Game Speed: Control the speed at which the replay progresses.

* Player Perspective: See exactly what the player can see on the map.

* Player Camera: Follow the player's camera movement.

* Unit Following: Lock the camera to any unit to follow it around the map.

On the upper left-hand corner of the screen, there's also a Replay Overlay that displays a variety of information for each player including:

* Resources: Minerals, Gas and Supply counts.

* Income: Displays resource mining over a set period of time and number of active harvesters.

* Spending: Where resources are spent -- either on Economy, Technology, or Army.

* Units: Number of units.

* Units Lost: Number of units lost.

* Production: Displays all current research, construction, and production.

* Army: Army units in terms of resource cost and total Supply stats.

* APM: Actions per minute with averages and current APM.

Watching Replays

To access the Replays main menu, click on the small camera-shaped icon located in the upper left-hand corner of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty welcome page. Your replays will be divided up into the following categories:

* Recent

* Multiplayer

* Versus A.I.

* Challenge

Through this interface you can watch, save, and delete replays, and create custom folders in which to organize your replays. To watch a replay, simply click on the "Load" button or double-click on the replay title.

Sharing Replays

You can also share your replays with others by accessing the replay files saved locally to your computer. These files can be attached to emails, uploaded to file sharing sites, sent through instant messenger programs, or modified for video editing or shoutcasting.

For both Windows and Mac operating systems, replay files are stored in the Documents folder under "StarCraft II." Here are the file paths to the StarCraft II directory:

* Windows7:\Documents\Starcraft II\

* Windows Vista: \Documents\Starcraft II\

* Windows XP: \My Documents\Starcraft II\

* Mac OSX: /users/username/documents/Starcraft II/

Watching a Shared Replay

To watch a shared replay file, right-click the file and save it to your "Unsaved" or "Saved" StarCraft II Replays folder. You can also simply drop the file into your desired save location. Once the file is saved, log into StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and the replay will be available for viewing in the Replays main menu.

Play the game, watch the replays!

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