Starcraft 2 Current List of Bugs

From Daxxarri (Community Manager)

Just a reminder, this is an informational thread only.

You will not receive support by posting in this thread. If you wish to report a bug, please do so in the Bug Report forum:

We have a list of known bugs that will affect StarCraft II's operations.

A language pack error may occur under certain conditions.
- Potential Fix – Ensuring your system clock is correct can help resolve the error.

Players can send voice but do not receive voice in game on Windows 7 machines with Realtek HD Audio sound cards when the Output Device on the Sounds Menu option is set to the Speakers.

Sound does not play properly on some hardware set to 7.1 sound on Windows Vista/Windows 7.
- Potential Workaround – Change sound output speaker options to 5.1 or lower.

Changing the OS speaker mode on Windows Vista or Windows 7 while the game is running causes all sound to stop

Players that are attempting to download or install to a Hard Drive using the FAT32 file format will be unable to download or use the digital installer.
- Workaround – Download or install the digital client to a NTFS formatted hard drive.

Mac version 10.6 – Occasionally a crash is occurring with Nvidia drivers.

Mac - Using a USB headset will drastically lower in game FPS.

There is a chance where multiple graphic issues may occur for units, structures, terrain, and transmissions.
- This tends to be one set of objects (like a supply depot) or level of terrain where textures are swapped or look a bit psychedelic. It doesn't affect the whole game screen or cause any other visual oddities.

Galaxy Editor - Terrain editor lags when dragging the mouse around on the map.

Galaxy Editor - Changing certain values in the Galaxy Editor is causing a crash while in detail view.

Graphical corruption can occur when Paged Pool memory gets low.
- Potential Fix – Close unnecessary background applications and restart client.

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