SC2 Unit, Building, Tech, and Counter Spreadsheet

Author: Spinkler

So I spent some time compiling all this information into a spreadsheet which I'm hoping is easily printable (I'll need to ensure it is when I'm at work - no printer here.)

Anyways, this spreadsheet was intended to be printable and easily stored in a folder of plastic pockets as a quick reference guide. I'm hoping that most of the information a newbie could want is easily and quickly accessible.

I am by no means a Starcraft expert... Quite the opposite actually, which is what drove me to create my own little quick reference in the first place. Although I'm pretty sure all of the information is correct, please feel free to let me know if it isn't.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded from here.


EDIT: Although the spreadsheet can be downloaded via the link above, I strongly encourage everybody to start using the Google Docs version uploaded by Ouranos instead. You can find the document here:

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toke said...

This is only terren units and terren counters