StarCraft 2 Lost Viking Achievements Guide

Just a few tips and recommendations on how to clear Lost Viking achievements.

Powerups come in a 4 varieties, side missiles, drone, plasma, and bomb. Any powerup that stays on the field will change in this order [the powerup will flash and become bigger for a moment before it changes.] |- ->Side missiles -> Drone -> Plasma --| Bomb -[note: with the exception of bombs every power up seems to have two levels of upgrade. Changing to a different weapon will loose your leveled up version though so be aware.]

The best option for success in my opinion is to follow a priority list on what to upgrade.
1. Drones x2
2. Plasma x2
3. All else bombs

[if you have recently lost your plasma weapon and you know a boss to be coming up soon, plasma should be your biggest concern]

Drones are important because not only do they provide homing spread to make up for our focus fire plasma, they also can take bullets for you. Use the Drone as an absolute last line of defense, as you should bomb before you lose a drone. if you have lost your drone and there is another upgrade but it is on top of enemies or their fire bomb aggressively while using the invulnerability time to get the drone. come late game having your drones is a must!

The plasma weapon type sacrifices all spread for focused fire and damage, which makes it very important to be under you boss at all times you can afford. getting the plasma upgrade once changes to small plasma shots, a second time and you have upgraded plasma shots.Bombs are the glorious apex of oh shi- buttons in most shmups. It is best to hold on to bombs as long as you can for two reasons. The first reason being that your goal is to get to 500k points, but bombs do not provide any benefit to score from killing enemies. The second being that you WILL need them towards the end.

Bombs are the glorious apex of oh shi- buttons in most shmups. It is best to hold on to bombs as long as you can for two reasons. The first reason being that your goal is to get to 500k points, but bombs do not provide any benefit to score from killing enemies. The second being that you WILL need them towards the end. Bombs of course clear the screen and give you temporary invulnerability, however at the moment I don't believe it to transfer over to your drones as well so still be careful.

side missiles - yeah no, let them change into something else.

Streaming- Know that dodging bullets is an art. An art that doesn't involve anyone flying about as wildly as they possibly can. whenever you have a series of bullets that directly target you the best option is streaming. Streaming involves strafing in either direction just barely enough to dodge a bullet that's been shot at you. sounds obvious however the key is that you move just as much as you need but not more because there are many situations where there will be as many as 20 or more shots targeted at you in a row and space is a sparse resource at that point. [A good example of streaming can be found with the light blue bullets at :30 the music is a bit loud so be careful]

Aggressive bombing- Bombs are your precious oh shi- buttons, however they don't always have to be used for keeping your hide safe. If you have plenty of extras don't be afraid to bomb for the purposes of picking up a powerup you wouldn't normally be able to get to.

Carrier - The toss carrier is pretty much a cakewalk. When he first materializes in you'll have a few seconds to shoot at him without any return fire so just lay waste to his health bar. After a few seconds he will start spawning interceptors these will just take up your drone fire for a few more seconds and aren't to be worried about yet so just keep firing. Eventually the interceptors will begin to fire at you at usually a very low rate, when that begins to happen use that time to dodge bullets and move towards a wall. After the interceptors fire the carrier will be charging up his main attack and will fire it. This attack can be dodged by using streaming, give the lasers a bit of breathing room but do not fly madly across the screen, if you run out of horizontal room move up. Rinse and repeat.

Leviathan - Mostly a pushover. has three attacks, the first two sometimes act combined. Her first attack method is that she launches her tentacles at you. This is the hardest part of the fight seeing that even if you bomb it will usually result in the loss of your drones, so be SURE to dodge these. The first tentacle attack she does will usually hit the center of the screen, so be ready and just do your best to predict where they will land and stay towards the back of the screen and find the openings. The second attack method is that she spawns four creep orbs that explode into a circle of bullets, usually only 3 or 4 per bullets per orb you will have to worry about. The last attack she will get in front of you and shake her body. That means she's going to ram you, just move out of the way and she hits the bottom of the screen.

Terratron[sp?]- as long as you keep your fire up you won't have to worry about his attacks too much. His first attack is fairly simple, basically he uses both hands to throw a few pencils at you. For this attack your best bet is to stay in the center to keep firing at him while watching the few attacks that head towards the middle and seeing where to go, often it's usually a step or two to the left or right. The second attack is similar to leviathans second attack in that he spawns two orbs that fires a circular pattern of bullets except there are many more than last time during this attack he also has a laser that will sweep across the screen from left to right or right to left. The laser will usually stop 3/4 of the way across the screen so just make sure to stay ahead of it or way out of it's way. The last thing the terratron will do is to launch it's whirling blade at you. If you were aggressive with your attacks you might have dropped him before he can do this. However all you really need to do is keep a watch on it and predict where it will be and just not be there. Many of his attacks can happen at the same time and if things get to crowded for you, just bomb.

[Other things of note]

score - you don't get anywhere near 500k from the first play through so don't forget to hit continue to replay the game with added difficulty. after each replay the value of bosses go up but the other units seem to stay the same, so missing the scouts on the protoss level isn't something to cry about.

terran stage - The only thing that will really change is that the terran stage will have side lasers that will turn on and off, the key there is just to stay 3/4 of the way down the screen and never to stay at the very edge otherwise you will get hit.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I disagree with your strategy. With focused fire plasma, it's true that you take out the larger units and bosses more quickly, but it's must more difficult to kill the smaller enemies throughout the level, even with the drones.

I'm not saying your strategy is invalid, but I find that it complicates things unnecessarily.

I used side missiles the entire time and easily hit 500k points by the end of level 9 without losing a single life and using so few bombs I could count them on my hands.

While I'm not saying that bombs are useless, I just found that they were, for the most part, not necessary and detrimental to scoring.

With the side missiles along with drones, you literally cover the entire screen with your own fire, allowing you to concentrate on dodging as well as destroying every enemy unit that might appear. This is very useful for your scoring, as well as staying alive. On the second stage with the scourge, killing all of the groups quickly allows more organized bullet streams, making them easy to dodge. On the downside, bosses take longer to kill. That being said, their attacks are ridiculously easy to dodge so it really isn't a problem.

In my opinion, especially having played heavily bulleted shmups such as Touhou, the difficulty level of the bosses (and really the entire minigame) is very low. Stay alive, kill everything, and 500k is quite easily achievable.

Sloiceman said...

Perfect example of why there are two weapon choices...two strategies. Light power spread or high powered straight shot, I find both are good to use.

Once you've played a couple times you get the feel for how long the levels are and can easily take power-ups to switch to the boss killing plasma. If time isn't an issue and you'd rather collect bombs you can stick with the level clearing spread shot and spend some time getting to know the bosses on a more personal level.

Good tips, happy strafing!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, i cannot play this on my account now that i have beat the normal campaign? Or am i just missing something?

kosh.iii said...

Just load a savegame where you still were on the Hyperion and that's it. There is no access to the arcade from outside the Hyperion.

Anonymous said...

You should also mention that you get a way faster rate of fire by repeatedly pressing space than from just holding it down. Took me a minute to realize this and it makes a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that last comment about firing speed... everything's so easy now :)

Drew Olbrich said...

I have to agree with Anonymous's first comment at the top. I tried using plasma only, and it took me many tries to work my way up to 300K. Then, as an experiment, I switched to side missiles exclusively, and racked up tons of bombs and extra lives and reached 625k on the next try.

An advantage of side missiles is that if you happen to lose a drone or two, you still are reasonably effective against the huge fleets of little ships until you can get more drones. With plasma, lose both drones and you're toast.

Also, I am 40 years old and weak and I was able to do it using Anonymous's advice. He is wise! Fear him!

Anonymous said...

The easiest way to get this achievement is with side missiles and drones and not with plasma.
The only thing that bother me was that bosses take too long but I've done it in 2 attempts.
Side missiles are great to clean up the scouts, scourges and wraiths that show up leaving u free to navigate and accumulate bombs for the thight situations.