Starcraft 2 Campaign 99% Achievements Bug

From Mewi

99% Achievements Bug, I noticed there was no thread regarding this that was directly in the bug report section. So I'll post one here, sorry if there has been another post in here.

But this bug is annoying me, and beating up my OCDness. Please fix it?

The Bug is where it is stuck at 99% regardless of having all achievements acquired... in campaign mode. You can check my profile for proof of this. No Feats of Strength Achievements do not give points.

My points are stuck at um 1590/1600? Im guessing, please Blizzard Fixy this buggy :3

From Kragg (Quality Assurance)

Hey guys,

We are currently aware of this issue and it should be resolved in a future patch. Thank you for all of the information everyone provided!


Bambooie said...

It's not a bug, there are 1590 points, although it does say in the single player screen 99%... but who cares. If you add up the points it adds to 1590, so you've got 'em all. It might give you 100% if you do the feats of strength achievements that are related to the campaign, I'll find out in a bit.

Bambooie said...

So I did the 3 feats of strength related to the campaign (the achievements are: The Scenic Route, You'ze So Crazy!, Monster Mash) and it still says 99% when you're on the single player screen. However 1590 points is the maximum you can get for the campaign.