Starcraft 2 Guide 10 Ways to Improve Your Playing Skills

Author: Zomgtossrush

Today I am going to give some pointers here and there on simple ways to improve your game. A lot of these are very basic, but can be applied at all levels of play. This is more of a how you should be practicing and how to get better post.

10. Control Emotions

Don't ever get too mad at the game. This can lead to being on tilt and playing poorly. Remain calm, learn from your mistakes and continue to focus on playing well.

9. Use hotkeys

A lot of players claim a certain hotkey setup is better than another. But in all honesty, use what works for you. If you like binding your hatcheries to 5-6-7 then do it. Just keep it consistent and make sure it makes sense to YOU. Also take the 2 seconds to learn the hotkeys for units and upgrades. Even though it takes 1 second to move a mouse, it takes even less hitting the keyboard.

8. Find a Practice Partner-

Here is a useful web application

Being able to consistently play someone without the pressures of losing in a ladder match can help calm and smooth out your game.

7. Watch Replays Of Yourself

Understanding why you won, or more importantly why you lose is a great tool. Athletes spend more time watching previous games studying how to improve then they do on the court applying their skills. Take this approach to your e-gaming also. And alway's being asking yourself the "3 W's."

6. Practice builds consistently

If you want to practice a certain build vs a certain race, then do it. Obviously if you see a cheese or an obvious reason to change your strategy then do it. But the best way to practice your own build is to experiment using it vs a wide variety of opponent strategies.

5. Use the build order tester and unit tester.

Using tools like this allow you to learn without the annoyances of an enemy. Us these tools as a warmup before any long practice session.

4. Watch Replays of Others

Another great tool of players on the rise. You can see exactly how a players build fairs vs another. It also takes the edge off of learning and allows a more spectator friendly way to learn. Follow my replays packs feature Terran and Protoss for a good place to start.

3. Research Forums/Articles

This is especially good for intermediate players and beginning players. Be well researched. This can also save time when trying to execute a certain style.

2. Practice

This should be an obvious one. But you can't improve without hours of practice. Don't over exert yourself and take breaks after longer games to reduce hand pains.

1. Follow the "3 W's"

What? Where? Why? Asking yourself these 3 questions every time you have you Starcraft 2 screen up will make your understanding of the game skyrocket. Tune in for my next article for an in depth analysis of this system.


Anonymous said...

Nice guide, except for one thing: rule number one should be "If you face a Terran player as either Zerg or Protoss, leave the game."

The game is hardly worth playing anymore, as more and more turn to playing Terran and spamming marines with medivacs. The Marauder isnt even important anymore. It is uncountrable and makes everyone but terran cry. (even in a 2v2 game, high templars with psionic storm, colossus and upgraded banelings cant defeat a single army of mass marines.

Anonymous said...

If you can't beat a marine swarm, you are HORRIBLE at Microing.

I've taken them down with collsi and pheonix before, and I've RAPED a marine swarm with a combonation of Banelings, Zerglings (as a distraction for the banelings) and Infestors (Infested Terrans are hilarious)