SC2 Protoss Tactic, Build Order for Quick Zealot Rush

Do a few probes, then pylon, 1-2 probes, gateway, pylon, couple more probes, then start manufacturing zealots. It's important to be on top of your opponent though using a probe or two, as they could go tech rush which will leave you in a spot of trouble if they successfully defend your first rush and can give them a good advantage mid-game.


Build your first pylon very close to the enemy base, then build your Forge there before spamming Photon Cannons. Most good players will be able to safely counter it, but you might catch newcomers off-guard with it.

Try experimenting against AI, perhaps, just to get your speed up and then try it out on players.


Build Probes and Warpgates as you normally would, and plenty of and remember to make full use of your Time Warp ability from the Nexus to throw out Zealots nearly twice as fast as normal.


Build few gateways to turn into warp gates, get a warp prism or two and put them near the enemy base but not too close then warp a whole lot of zealots in to where the phase prisms are deployed. When I first played as the Protoss today I had too much fun warping units into the enemy base.


Build a Pylon somewhere where some of it's "aura" is actually bridging a gap or a cliff and warp units in there.

It's done a lot on maps like Lost Temple, very annoying to counter if you don't scout it early, all of the sudden you have 10 zealots behind your choke point!


It's all about scouting your opponents. Knowing what they're building/teching to and producing the appropriate counter/deviation in your build to deal with it. You can not just expect to have one build in mind. You might win, but you may lose (oh no you're 20 stalkers just got rolled by 3 tanks!). If you know what the opponent is doing (scout with probes early on, observers after that, check for expansions and deny them etc) then you can counter just about anything.

Warp gates are good. Don't forget you can warp in anywhere you have pylon power. Sometimes building a pylon at the edge of their base or across the map will save you because your units don't have to walk the entire map to reinforce their mates!


8th pylon then a cboost 2 probes till 10/18. after that wait it out till 150 minerals and get the gateway. while gateway is being built prob around 2-3 probes only using 1 cboost.

After the first 2 zealots i usually put down another pylon and an assm. (*i cant remember this part too well>>>>) constant pumping of zealots and probes just before you reach ur supply limit put down a cyber. core and another pylon...

While the core is being done.. continue to pump zealots but be wary that once the core finishes u shud have enough $$ to get a twilight council (yes researching charge). save the cboost effectively for this.

prob 2nd gateway pumping units out.. (dont forget your pylons ! :p) and a forge once ur charge is complete to put ur zealots at +1 weapons.


The key to rushing is preventing the opponent from being able to tech.

Massing zealots and sitting them in your base isn't rushing. From the moment you have anywhere between 4 - 10 zealots you should be attacking them. If you try to rush and they reach upper tier tech it's game over.


This tactic has nothing special really that would probably only work on a 1v1 map and less experienced players.

> first probe out go to opponents base
> 10 pool, build a pylon outside opponents base
> build gateway
> more probes
> first zealot out, harass them
> forge
> more pylons > build a pylon right below a cliff to the opponents base
> build gateway
> more zealots
> by now you should have 4-6 zealots and continue harassing
> while your zealots are distracting them
> build cannons inside the opponents base where your matrix reaches and protect them with your zealots
> by now, your opponent will be extremely pissed and will surrender without saying GG
> very dirty tactic

> doing so you can rush a Terran player before they can block the ramp
> good against other Protoss players

> more experienced players will own you and laugh at you
> less effective against zerg players who rush zerglings

Its a cross between ... a cannon rush and build outside their base blockade kinda thing =)


Go something like:

Probe - 9/10
Probe - 10/10
Probe - 11/10

Gets the gate out very fast, if you only want zealots then you can get your 2nd gate at like 13 or 14 and pump zealots, or go cyber when the gate finishes if u have a proxy pylon and use all ur chrono boost on warp gates and get another gate after this.


Anonymous said...

Make no probes, get 100 and make a pylon, reach 150 and make gateway, make 2 probes, the rush zealots. It is the quickes way to get 2-3 zealots to rush

Anonymous said...

worst.. tactic.. ever..

gonna take ages to get 2-3 zealots that way because you are waiting for the minerals to stack up, and you also only have 2-3 zealots at the end of it, and a very VERY bad economy.