StarCraft 2 Campaign Cracker (all languages+save load)

Buy the game! This cracker is not meant as a full replacement of the legit game!

If you cant use this tool then you don't deserve sc2.

Known issues:

There is a case sometimes when exiting completly the campaign, a message box may appear asking for validated language pack. Just press ok and ignore it, there is no problem!

StarCraft 2 Campaign Crack

installation steps and basic instructions:

1)Install a clean game (any version Box or Digital)

2)make sure your system has at least .NET 2.0 framework installed,
and you are Administrator with full write access, and Anti virus is Off

3)Unzip the files into a folder and run the sc2cracker.exe AS administrator & av off.

4)for the 1st time click "Crack Latest Version" and Wait few seconds!
after that you dont have to do it again every time!only Restore if you want to play the game normally!

5)now simple press Start Campaign and when in game press again down left corner the yellow button Start Campaign.

6)you can play AND save/load in game.

7)when you want to exit the game to windows just use Alt+F4 (there is no Exit Game button yet)

8)if you want to load fast to a save you made use the "load saved game" button and locate your saved file!

But if you want to load from the automatic save next time you start the cracker just press the "cont campaign" button!

Download link


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot ;D

Anonymous said...

How do i play skirmish with ai on a full client,i already finished the campaign from the crack you post here. how can i authucate my account help please!

Anonymous said...

I'm still not able play skirmish with ai on a full client. If you find a way, please inform us so we can post it here for everyone to benefit.

Anonymous said...

download Lazy Launcher for starcraft 2. and search "how to play single-player mode in starcraft 2" in youtube. there, find the download link.