StarCraft 2 Lost Temple Map

Welcome to the Reconnaissance Report, your official look into the maps of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. To kick off the series, this week's featured map is Lost Temple, an original StarCraft favorite recently revamped and ready for action.

Lost Temple

Located on the jungle planet of Bel'shir, the ancient ruin of Lost Temple is a multiplayer map capable of supporting up to four players. It is characterized by four possible starting locations, two Xel'Naga towers, two island expansions, two high-yield expansions, and plenty of high ground from which to attack and defend against enemy forces.

Situated in the upper-right and lower-left quadrants of the map, all four starting locations on Lost Temple feature narrow choke points that are great for defending against enemy attacks. Just beyond these choke points are natural expansions, protected by accessible cliffs and also guarded by slightly wider choke points, allowing players to grow their economies quickly and without much travel.

In the middle of the map, players can control up to two Xel'Naga towers to expand their view of nearby terrain and perhaps gain sight of an enemy's movement. Two island expansions and two high-yield expansions are also available in the upper-left and lower-right quadrants of the map. Players keen on tapping these highly sought after resources, however, must traverse a ravine or break through a wall of destructible rocks to reach them.

With all these elements in play, Lost Temple proves to be an exciting map for both new and veteran players, opening the field to numerous strategies. To get a bearing on those tactics and to see what's popular in the StarCraft II community, we'd like to hear from you. What sort of daring builds and maneuvers do you use when playing on Lost Temple? Do you rush the enemy's base? Expand early? Defend and push for air? Let us know!

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