Single-Player Preview -Challenge Missions

Challenge missions bring a new and exciting flavor to the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty single-player experience by pitting players against a set of missions designed to help them test, improve, and ultimately master abilities beyond the scope of what the tutorial has to offer. 3 days left

Challenge missions range from teaching simple unit counter decisions to more advanced techniques like controlling entire armies with hotkeys. Players who master these challenges will have learned key skills important to success in online multiplayer matches. Challenge missions were designed as a way to learn these invaluable multiplayer tactics.

Experienced StarCraft players know the strengths and weaknesses of their units, as well as those of their enemy. It's a matter of always using the right tool for the job. Tactical Command is a unit counter mission that asks players to choose the right terran units to defend their Supply Depots, destroying the units they counter. The challenge lies in assessing the enemy threat and distributing your limited forces to the appropriate battle locations across the map.

In StarCraft II, you can mouse click through the interface to relay orders to their units, but hotkeys are more efficient. On the Harbinger of Death mission, players are thrown into the thick of a protoss battlefront. Challengers must push their micromanagement skills to their limits, using hotkeys alone to kill as many enemy units as possible. After setting up control groups, players have a limited amount of time to warp in additional forces, manage simultaneous engagements, and lead their army to victory.

Players who go above and beyond the minimum success requirements while completing challenge missions can even earn unique achievements. Expect to be pushed to your limits!

3 days left!!!

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