Cracked SC2.exe and MapEditor

Cracked SC2.exe and MapEditor

Step by step procedures

1. First of all,

SC2Editor.exe goes into the Support folder and the SC2.exe goes into Versions\Base15976. Don't forget to make a backup of both files so you can play once the servers are up.

When you start the SC2Editor and the nag screen occurs which asks you to login, press no then you can use it without any problems.

2. now go to your folder were the maps are,

Now take a map you prefer( i used a original blizzard map) and make a copy of it, then rename 1 of them to .SC2Map.

Example : Steppes of war.s2ma to Steppes of war.SC2Map

3. Now go to your StarCraft II Beta folder located in,

C: - users - user name - My Documents - StarCraft II Beta - Map ( Vista/Win 7 ) and place the renamed map file in this folder.


Go back to the Editor itself and click on the open button located on upper toolbar. Now you get a tab called open document, in here you click on local files, click refresh, and you should see your renamed map in the list, now you can open the file

After loading the map you go to - File - Preferences - Test Document - and here you can change the ai difficulty and game speed.

Now go to - Map - Player Properties - here you can change things like race/ start location / players.

After set user and computer settings you go to - File - Test Document - or hit the SC icon on upper toolbar.

Now the game is loading and going past the login.............. get ready for some Comp Stomp

For those which don't know exactly how to change the difficulty settings:

1. Set player properties from Map - Player Properties - in the way you want to be (set Control to Player or to Computer);

2. Modules - Triggers (F6) - right click on Events - New Action then select Player from Module (left side)
and in the Label (right side) chose: Set Player Difficulty Level.

3. You need to create triggers for all Players (Computer slots) with the difficulty you want; example for a 4 player map (with Player 1 - User):

Set player 2 difficulty level to Insane
Set player 3 difficulty level to Insane
Set player 4 difficulty level to Insane

Loading Screen -
In Game-
Victory Screen -

Download Mirrors:

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Anonymous said...

I can't seem to be able to save my maps with this crack, also I can't see any units on the map because of some version mismatch thingy that always pops out in the editor's console.

Any ideas?