How to Play Campaign Maps Without Account

1. Extract SC2Folder\Campaigns\Liberty.SC2Campaign\Base.SC2Maps to a folder of your choice
2. Open up the Mapeditor that comes with SC2 and create a new map and save it as template.SC2map - then close the Editor
foreach Map 3.

3.1. Create a folder with the according map name e.g. TRaynor01
3.2. Copy and paste the template.SC2Map file in there
3.3. Open the template.SC2Map with the MPQ Editor
3.4. Go to the folder where you extracted the files of Base.SC2Maps - in my case: D:\Games\StarCraft II\Maps\Campaign\TRaynor01.SC2Map\
3.5. Drag and drop the files from the folder in the MPQ Editor
3.6. Close MPQ Editor - rename the template.SC2Map to the map name - in this case TRaynor01.SC2Map

To launch the maps - use the SC2 Mapeditor, as drag 'n dropping them over SC2.exe will cause them tojavascript:void(0) bug.

Enjoy playing campaign, although this is quite a hacky way, you can do it.

Download link
StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Torrent - RELOADED


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any news about skirmish (versus ai)

thetrobnor said...

you need a accaunt for the map editor

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you need a accaunt for this

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how do you extract the folder??