StarCraft 2 Beta Phase Two Begins

StarCraft 2 Beta Phase Two Begins - The (second) wait is finaly over! Starcraft 2 Beta Phase 2 is out now across the globe and the new patch is to be installed. Hope you guys have thin patience, because the wait-time may take a little while. The beta update was released around 11:00 pm (PCT) but no statement by Blizzard has been released yet.

The second phase of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta test is now underway. We're delighted to invite you back to the battlefield and hope that you will join us through July 19 for more terran, protoss, and zerg action.

As stated previously, all data from beta phase one has been... reset. This includes characters, match history, ladder rankings, and achievements. Beta participants will therefore need to recreate their characters and, if joining matchmaking games, complete a new series of placement matches.

We thank you for all the feedback you provided during phase one and are excited to hear about more of your experiences in phase two. Welcome back to beta, and we'll see you on!

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