Winning Rates of Each Race in SC2

Ever wondered how each race performs against each other in SC2? Here's a statistics released by Blizzard that may serve as a guide.

Blizzard says, Now that you might have a clearer idea regarding what they are, we'd like to share some recent adjusted win percentages from November 11th for several regions around the world. Before you review these numbers, we'd like to prevent some common misconceptions. First, these numbers shift fairly rapidly as newly discovered strategies spread through the community and they're changing all the time. Also, due to the way the numbers shake out, we expect a variance of +/- 5% in these results; win/loss ratios that are +/- 5% suggest balance between those races. So, if a win/loss ratio is approximately 55%:45%, then that's still within acceptable boundaries. By contrast, win/loss ratios exceeding 60%:40% could indicate that a small imbalance might exist and merit further investigation.

NA – Global – 11/11
PvT: 59.8%
PvZ: 51.7%
TvZ: 50.3%

NA - Diamond – 11/11
PvT: 55.3%
PvZ: 52.1%
TvZ: 48.4%

Korea – Global – 11/11
PvT: 57.0%
PvZ: 49.7%
TvZ: 54.2%

Korea – Diamond – 11/11
PvT: 58.0%
PvZ: 43.0%
TvZ: 46.1%

Europe – Global – 11/11
PvT: 51.0%
PvZ: 48.6%
TvZ: 51.5%

Europe – Diamond – 11/11
PvT: 48.3%
PvZ: 51.5%
TvZ: 51.4%

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