Illidan Stormrage

Great demonic wings fan out behind the horned, malefic figure. Standing nearly 7 112 feet tall, the creature’s night elf heritage is evident in its violet skin, longears, and flowingbluehair. It wears tattered cloth pants that do little to conceal its cloven hooves. Jagged tattoos cover its bare chest and arms. It wears a ragged bandage around its head that covers its eyes. It carries two massive warglaives - each etched with demonic runes of power.

Illidan Stormrage


Illidan Stormrage was one of the heroes who stood against the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients nearly 10,000 years ago. As an immortal night elf, his passion for magic and lust for power drove him to the brink of madness. Fearing that he would become an even greater threat than the Legion, his twin brother Malfurion imprisoned Illidan beneath the earth for centuries. During the Legion’s most recent invasion, Illidan was released to aid his countrymen once again.

During the battle, however, he selfishly consumed a powerful demonic artifact known as the Skull of Gul’dan. With the artifact’s power flowing through him, Illidan became a hybrid creature with demonic powers all his own. Recently, Illidan entered into a pact with the demon Kil’jaeden and swore to destroy the FrozenThrone of Icecrown for the Burning Legion. Illidan gathered the insidious naga and wayward blood elves to his cause and set out to fulfill his charge. Yet Illidan was defeated by the Death Knight Arthas and forced into exile in the extradimensional wastes of Outland.

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